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Folks, I think you've covered everything. Or HAVE you? Blasts from the pARRSEd

Bill and Ben the FlowerARRSE Men
TWTWTA (That Was The Week That ARRSED) (was)
Round the ARRSE (Horn)

Feck. Showing my age.
Raiders of the lost ARRSE....
ARRSE wars.....
The ARRSE strikes back......( after a vidaloo!)
The ARRSEtrix.....
The ARSSEtrix Reloaded.....
Dirty ARRSE......(Dirty Harry)
The Maltese ARRSE.....
Pretty ARRSE....
League of extraordinary ARRSE....
Who dares ARRSE......
Better reading then the TV Times guys.

For anyone who has seen the programme on the Living channel 'The Biggest Arrse'
Top of the Arrse
Cagney and Arrsey
Arrse of the Day
Paul Arrse McKenna... whoops that is his name (allegedly)
Richard and Arrse or Arrse and Judy
Pets are Arres (BBC2 tonight)
Drop the Dead ARRSE
Curse of the Were ARRSE
Fiend without an ARRSE
War of the ARRSEs
Minority ARRSE
Night of the Living ARRSE
Britians most haughted arrses

The bron arrse

The arrsey lark (navy)

The arrse kid (cotherro)

Scrap yard arrse
Bravo Two ARRSE

Arrse hole down (covers the demise of GW)

ARRSE busters

Lorrnce or ARRSEYA

Blair ARRSE project

Me Myself and ARRSE

I'll keep them comng
Everybody loves ARRSE
Will and Arrse
Saving Private Arrse yes I know its a movie but who gives a fick
Band Of Arrse's
Fun with Dick and Arrse
Mary Arrse
Tango and Arrse

Thats all I can think of at the mo while skiving in work................


Raging ARRSE, starring Robert DeARRSO and Joe ARRSCI
Daddy ARRSE Care, starring Eddie ARRSEY
ARRSE Ventura, Pet Detective, starring Jim ARRSEY
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's ARRSE, starring Jack ARRSICKLESON
Harry ARRSE and the Sorceror's ARRSE, starring a bunch of snotty little ARRSEholes
ARRSE in, ARRSE Out, starring ARRSAMIN Bratt
ARRSE'S of the Caribbean, starring Johnny (I wish I had 3 ARRSES) Depp
ARRSEs of FIre (saturday morning special)

I love ARRSE

The oriant ARRSE

Only in ARRSE

Family ARRSEs

Behind Enemy ARRSES

Thunder ARRSES


Captain ARRSE and the Muffterons

Meet The ARRSErs

Three ARRSEs and a baby

An ARRSEs day out

ARRSE and rider

ARRSElips Now

Lord of the ARRSEs the two Tl'ts

Scarry ARRSE (star host MSN)

Hill ARRSE (billy)


Desert Island ARRSEs

River ARRSE (just for the jocks with the squerts)

it should never happen to an ARRSE

still more to come....I think
:oops: MDN :oops:

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