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What's the ARRSE in Balamory
I reckon some sci-fi, what with some of the space cadets in 'ere:

BattleARRSE Galactica


Doctor ARRSE


Sapphire & ARRSE

And so on.
Sluice_dweller said:
Brilliant additions guys - which one should we pick if we wanted to do the ARRSE script like we did with the Nativity Play - who would be the main characters?
the main characters.... do you really need to ask that question?
ARRSEgate (or starARRSE) Falklands (lets face it, it's as remote as the lost city of atlantis, albeit not near as exciting)

Ultimate ARRSE (best bit: we could still have ross kemp playing lead....)

ARRSE: Are You Tough Enough? (MDN can DS instead of eddie stone, auld yin can replace John MacAleese)
It's like a BBC viewers/tourettes get together in here!

Songs of ARRSE.
The ARRSE of Dibley.

But what about ARRSE, what might A-R-R-S-E say to those who don't know the true meaning?

A Really Really Superb Entertainment?
Above Rational Reasoned Suggested Enlightenment?
A Rather Rude Site Ermintrude?
All Reason Ripped, Slight Exaggeration.....

Beebs x
recent Kate related - Bad Lads' Arrsey

old Vegetius TV - Z Arrse

'Concept' progrem - Comedy Play Arrse (for yougsters, Steptoe et al came from this)

RTFQ & fellow lodgers (BabyBlue & Trolly Dolly) - Man about the Arrse
The recent Documentry.....


Alot of meaning there......
Im an ARRSE, Get me out of here!

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