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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sluice_dweller, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. Was having a convesation with a fellow Arrser earlier and we were funnily enough discussing Arrse, he commented that of late it had become a bit of a soap opera ie so many story lines with so many people involved. We then compiled a list of soaps for example

    ARRSEnation Street
    ARRSE enders
    ARRSE City

    Any more suggestion?
  2. Arrse and the city
  3. ARRSE and away, or Home and an ARRSE
    Prisoner cell Block ARRSE :oops:
  4. ARRSEDorado.
  5. only fools and arrse
  6. Brilliant additions guys - which one should we pick if we wanted to do the ARRSE script like we did with the Nativity Play - who would be the main characters?
  7. For the Medics - E.Arrse
  8. One man and his Arrse

    The antique Arrse show

    Last of the Arrse wine (I'd love to see Jilly Goulden sample that)
  9. Life on Arrse
  10. Have I got ARRSE for you?
  11. ShamelessARRSE

  12. Monarch of the ARRSE.... of ARRSE of the Glen

    I'm an ARRSE, get me out of here?!
  13. Big Arrse or Arsse Brother
    ARRSE Factor
    Celebrity Stars in their ARRSE
  14. The Magic Arrseabout
  15. one from the highlands "monarch of the arrse".