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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MARTOK, May 15, 2012.

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  1. On Sunday evening I sat down to watch an episode of Vera when it was announced that due to events in Afghanistan it was cancelled and would be shown at a later date.

    The events in Afghanistan were the deaths of two servicemen, who were shot my members of the Afghan police. The episode of Vera was about the death of a soldier who had recently returned from Afghanistan.

    A few weeks ago two episodes of Silent Witness were cancelled because it was about about child sex grooming rings and there was a high profile case currently in the media.

    Should TV programs be cancelled simply because they are mirroring current events or because the schedulers feel that the content may be upsetting?
  2. It was very weird. Nobody had told the continuity people; they kicked in a "Vera" masthead before Lewis returned after a break. It was obviously a last minute decision and one that made them look a bit silly.

    They forget that television is only television; called a medium because it's neither rare or well done.

    Will they be cancelling Britain's Got Talent because it might upset people living with mongs?

    AS always, the people who decide have no idea about their audiences, including their ability to switch the bloody thing off.
  3. Probably not as all the viewers are mongs, Joeys or just generally ESN.
  4. I'm quite surprised that Vera ever got a second series made.
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  5. Well, that's very insensitive of them, imho.
  6. I remember when Spitting Image finished with the song "Kill an Estate Agent Today". It was then followed by the ten o'clock news, where the headline was about a an estate agent who had just been murdered - the news was broke then, so it wasn't even on earlier news. Straight after the news, the producers of Spitting Image announced an apology to the family of the murdered guy. So, I guess programme schedulers need to have precognition as well.
  7. They're sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place aren't ther? This site would be full of condemnation as the frothy fuckwits banged on about lack of respect for the 'fallen' which would lead onto attempts to find a muslim name in the production team who they could blame, which would then lead into criticism over how poorly dressed the actors were and that they looked like a bunch of walts, which would then lead into a walt hunt, with cadets and stabs (and people who are lower than that on the pecking order) publishing photos of other people wearing medals that they aren't entitled to which would then lead into another thread about James Shortt and his medals, which would then lead into an argument over who should be entitled to the new Jubliee medal and who shouldn't be, etc, etc, etc,. Can you see where this is going?
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  8. Who is Vera, and would I want to do her?
  9. A sort of female version of Columbo, so what ever floats your boat.
  10. Ah, I never watch ITV, far too chavtastick.
  11. No. She's a Geordie. And an old one at that. It's a bit like 'Spender' in a frock, but not as good looking.
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  12. So, Maguire's not the only snob in the village.
  13. Good call, I'd forgotten all about Spender. A rather dark series if I recall, love Jimmy Nail though.
  14. What are the schedulers to do then, wait until the last serviceman / woman leave Afghanistan and there are no more sex grooming cases going on? If so then we could be waiting a long time to see these episodes.

    I think its time that the broadcasters gave their viewers a bit more credit in their ability to separate fiction from reality.
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  15. Ah!TV ................ the opium of the [modern day] masses.