TV Program Question...?

Hi guys, May be the wrong section but dont really know where to post it...
Was just wondering what the name of the TV program was where there was a british army hero on there telling his story about when a group of soldiers got stuck in their vehicle in a minefield... the guy went in and rescued them?

Meh i dont know iv been looking for it for ages :/.

Thanks for any help :)

lmao naa im being serious like, it was a proper TV show with a presenter, might have been something like Britains Hero's or something :S. lol
Naa it was on last year some time i think, and the people who he saved came on to thank him (the ones who werent serving had their parents go on for them).
Was it "SAS: Soldiers story" I haven't actually watched it, but on the ads for it, it said something about "soldiers telling their brave stories". It was on ITV4 the other day, but there will probably be repeats. It's on about 10/11 pm

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