TV Prog: "British Army- Be The Best?" 20/06 2200hrs Sky One

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. With the 'list' of media reports (and recruitment ads) to do with the Army in the last few months or so, this programme asks if the Army is the best it is perceived and advertised to be.
    Colonel Tim Collins looks at the current state of the British Army, which three years ago he thought was the best in the world. Kate Adie and Lord Brocket contribute.

  2. I thought that quote was saying that Kate Adie was a former IRA Terrorist!!!
  3. Well if the Politicians would let us get on with the jopb he'd be a DEAD former IRA terrorist...
  4. Lord Brocket and a former IRA terrorist commenting on the British Army in Iraq?

    What about the views of the Big Brother household? Or of Girls Aloud? Why are these hard-hitting commentators being left out in favour of the lightweights above? Cheryl Tweedie is an acknowledged expert on asymmetrical warfare, for a start. And I think this programme is a poor platform for someone who's previous day job was terrorism. Why not his own makeover show? Or as a partner on the next episode of Come Dancing?(it would need some sequins on the mask, to be sure, but at least its Prime Time).

    Come on Sky, get your act together. Anyone would think you were jumping (slightly late) on a bandwagon.
  5. Kate Adie's a useless arrogant witch anyway! What on earth does she know?
  6. I caught his picture on the ad for this the other day.

    Can't remember his name but I do remember that he was one that turned and became on of the Slimes biggest sources of info.

    I'm sure that someone out there with more brains than me will be able to fill in his monika.
  7. Met her once.............Arrogant know-it-all.............but yet exuded subtle subliminal messages for some hoop action.......... :puker: :toilet:

    Back on track.............look forward to viewing the programme and reading the fallout on this forum :relax:
  8. I met her during Granby. She was followed by a gaggle of senior captains and majors all saying 'Yes' to her every demand in the vague hope she would do them a 'favour'.
  10. God, it's not that clown Sean O'Callaghan is it?
  11. Aye, thats the bugger
  12. Quite probably. I will have to watch it now just to see if it is :D
  13. it's on the same time as the England vs Sweden Match.......viewing figures will be high then!!!
  14. You got it in one with Kate I've been everywhere Adie I thought Col Tim Collins was taking part Liked the bit in his book where the Ranger shirts wearing hooligans were complaining that it was the Royal Irish and not a Scottish regiment who were to be pig in the middle between them and the Celtic wearing eejits