TV problem

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by British_And_Proud, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Don't know if anyone can help, I have a tv upstairs that turns on but just get green and blue squares on the screen, HDTV.

    Opened TV and looks like a scorch mark on the back cover, is there a graphics card etc in a LCD that it could be?

    Had a green line up the right hand side for a few months then it just fucked up one night.
  2. AAGF


    What make? LCD or Plasma? How old??

    There were a bunch of dodgy electrolytics from China a few years ago, used in the Power Supplies. Take a look at your PSU board and look for capacitors with bulges and/or blown cases. If you find such, the caps can be replaced easily for not much money.. hope this helps. It's way cheaper than replacing the assembly, but needs decent soldering skills.
  3. Are you feeding it a signal through a set top box of some sort - cable, satellite, etc? If so, the card for the set-top box may be up the Swannee. Can you get a picture when running a DVD directly connected via Scart?
  4. When I turn it on with out connecting any form of aerial I should get a grey static screen with a turn off timer, I just get the squares. Its been sitting upstairs for donkeys but was just looking some info to try to get it working, so I can get out her face and play the Xbox in peace.
  5. Make: Waltham
    Model: TV3202HDV

    Only had it about 6 months and it started to go, now its about 2 years old. Its a LCD tv.
  6. Green line sounds like pixel freeze, if it is then its shagged.
  7. What way do I stand with the manufacturer if its 2 years old? Doesn't the consumers act cover the consumer up to 5-7 years?
  8. We have consumer legislation in this country called the Sale of Goods Act 1979. You are entitled to claim damages for goods that do not conform to contract, ie, not as described, unfit for purpose or as in this case not of satisfactory quality, up to 6 years from purchase. Damages may include repair, replacement or refund (sum dependant on how much use you've already had).

    As the TV is over 6 months old the onus is on you to prove that it had an inherent manufacturing fault. Many sellers will ask you to do this by getting an engineers report, others may just accept that its obvious its an inherent fault. Do as you're asked and write a letter to the manufacturer, you never know they actually might be surprisingly helpful. Send it by recorded delivery and ask for a reply within say 10 days.
  9. As johnboyzzz has said, i had a similar problem with a hitachi lcd after about 20 months, engineers report cost me £30, sent off to head office U.K. great response, voucher for a replacement and the £30 refunded, be polite and patient , it worked.