TV Licensing Moves In On MoD Sites

My room (complete with TV, DVD player and set-top box) got checked yesterday whilst I wasn't there. They left a nice little note for me though. Good job I've got a TV licence.
Yep - cos servicemen and women not buying TV licences are the biggest problem these guys face.

How about it's merely easier to involve our chain of command in hunting down those evildoers who haven't got one, than having to go after all the millions of civvies in this country who haven't got one either.
Still can't believe that criminals (those in jail, i hasten to add) get a free tv licence, and the armed forces personnel have to pay!

The usual TV Licencing (actually the BBC/Capita) scare tactics. As D_D has pointed out, mil pers are a soft target for these leeches to collect the television tax.

Why is my room in the Mess considered a separate dwelling for the purposes of TV Licencing, but cannot count as one for the purpose of claiming a Council Tax discount?


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It would be interesting to see if your right to privacy is protected underthe Landlords & Tenents Act with regard to unauthorised access without a warrant.

Bt the way, I think it was when DLB was in the seat at Aldershot he bought a single licence for the garrison and invited them to inspect it at any time but refused them access to all military land under the Official Secrets Act 1911. He pulled the same stunt when they tried to poll tax soldiers and refused to supply a list of personnel as this would be a breach of security and persec.
Welcome to the real world!

Cough up and shut up!
Remember, you don't have to let them in, by law. They can then go to court to gain entry, but the chances of them spending the money involved are negligible.
One of the things that would make it more pleasurable to serve would be an exemption from this rule. Even guys that live out. At present you get feck all for serving!
What's the score if you have a home licence but take a TV with you on a 2 week course?
I understand that whilst COs are obliged to allow the TV Licensing creatures onto camp, and provide a list occupied accommodation, he is not permitted to give names, since this breaches the Data Protection Act.
In my day,guard commander would keep these cretins at the gate,whilst dispatching the guard to forewarn all those in the blocks---all tvs into lockers(as in COs block inspections)--mind,tv owners tended to be few,and then only a monochrome portable.As for poll tax,I didn't realise those living in had to pay it,shock.What would the going rate be for 4 sharing a 12x12 room?Excuse my civvie ignorance.
I'm a student when I'm not in green, and we get the TV licensing people on at us all the time. Apparently, my name has been passed to their Enforcement Division for further action, as I'm on their list of people who've paid.

It's true, I haven't. Because I don't have a TV. But as far as they're concerned, I seem to be guilty until proven innocent. Should their goons pay me a visit, I fully intend to refuse them entry without a search warrant. If they're going to presume that I'm effectively a thief, I see no reason to go out of my way to be helpful, not even a little.

i think the cost of a license is way too high anyways.

that aside, i think allowing them into your accom while you're not present is suspect at best! ridiculous that serving personnel have to to pay it in my opinion too. yeah you get a few decent beeb shows, but £126 a year?? get a grip ffs.
Back in '87, the OC Regents Park Bks had the right idea: told them to feck off as they didn't have clearance to enter the site :wink:
Back in the summer of 94 while at Uni ( mature student ) I got the knock from TV licensing. I recognised the inspector as a student from the same site as me who thought that catching licence dodgers was a good summer job(bar work and shelf stacking was beneath him). He listed me as not owning a tv and that was the last I heard from them for four years. When I went back after the summer break it turned out that he had given the same service to several other fellow students.
On many RAF camps TV licencing have to give notice of an intent to visit as some of the electronic systems on units can damage their detector kit. It gives sections a chance to shut down any dodgy systems and more importantly, gives block rats a chance to hide their tellies.

Of course living in my own house and having a satellite dish strapped to the side of it means that I have to have a TV licence.
Read through this site .. very interesting. (this is an anti tv license site and gives you all you need to know aboutit / how to ignore it etc)

Point to do not need a TV license if you have your vid and tv de-tuned, no ariel and only watch vids/dvd's or play your ps2 on it :)

Word of warning though, make sure should they call, they cannot even see a ghost of a picture on the channels as then they can still do you for recieving a tv channel.


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