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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ipodcrazy, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. Do you need a TV licence for your own tv in your room in Bks?
  2. anywhere in UK yes
  3. if your room is lockable from the outside you need a separate license.
  4. Its very easy guys.
    Yes its every room in block or mess, unless your mess or regt is prepared to take on your tv as "property" which it wont. So get over it. It costs 100 odd quid year. I bet you still pay it and the get SKY at £45 a month. Fight it and i bet your CO wont stand up for you.
  6. Something I've been thinking of for a while - at least since the last pint in my lock-in.

    Is there any way you can avoid the TV licence fee by having a large monitor that hooks up to your computer, to enable you to just watch DVDs? I don't want to watch any terrestrial TV, or Sky, but would like the option of only watching bought (or knock-off) DVDs
  7. I understand that if you have a method of rx'ing a tv signal then you have to have a licence. As far as I know this does not extend to DVD players etc as they do not have a rx'r

    So DVD on the old PC should be Ok
  8. Have a look here:

    It seems to answer most of the questions. The section relating to students sharing accomodation is probably the one that equates best to your situation.
  9. I think the official line is... If you live in a one man room, with a lockable door then you need one. If you live a 2+ man room, then you need one between you, not one each, so one person pays for the licence, and the others chip in.

    If you are a criminal in prison, you can have a tv with out a licence.

    (Go figure).


    For watching just DVDs. The law only requires for a Licence for the equipment that receives the broadcast. Hence a PCTV card in your computer needs a TV licence.

    If you can find a large monitor (some screens are like this) that doesn't have a TV receiver in in and hook it up to a DVD player that doesn't have a receiver either then you have cracked it.

    Some larger screens have receivers similar to computer cards that you can just remove. Obviously if you own one, then you may get stung so just sell it and get a receipt. The detector vans home in on the IF of the Triple superhetrdyne receviers so no receiver and the detector van wont come (you'll just have to use the SCART, etc. not the co-ax as you would need a receiver again thus a Licence would be needed).

    Phone the licencing people for assistance first, ensuring you go up the food chain of phone monkeys first, so you know the info is cosher. Then maybe take the p1ss and invite one of the inspectors round to check your equipment is kosher. A formal type letter explaining that you don't have a screen capable of receiveing broadcasts may be handy too, because now they have a system where they know which houses haven't got valid licences and may just pop up and turn up.

    Obviously some of them are going to either a. brain dead or b. jobsworths and try to get you to pay up for the screen regardless of it's capability of picking up the broadcast so it may be a good idea to touch base with the rip off merchants first. Although I am under the impression if you can't receive the signal then you don't have to pay.

    If on the other hand you purchase a sky tv system, then you have to pay again, because sky pumps out BBC channels. Thus you own a system capable of picking up the TV broadcasts thus you pay.
  10. The story I heard years back was that they had been trying to gain access to MoD establishments for years and turned up at an RAF camp and were let in thus setting the precident. I know at Brize the singlies had to have TV licences before most of the forces. I've also been told that the TV detection isn't as clever as they'd have you believe it mostly goes on electoral register hence when you purchase a TV the shop has to take your address and pass it on to them this also applies to the USB free-view decoders as well.
  11. When we were the Res Inf Bn at Aldergrove the TV Licence people tried it on and were told "once you start running detector vans and licence checking in West Belfast you can come in here".

    We never heard anymore about it.
  12. I would like to think that if the van turned up at the gate then the Guard commander would Stall them with "paperwork" for long enough to allow the guard force to run around all the blocks letting the lads know.
  13. I used to watch the RSO go to the gate,quoting ECM restrictions on camp and told them to clear off.
  14. What, just like in the Carry On films you mean?