TV licence in messes

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by pwrmn, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    This has probably been done before ,but can anyone give a definitive answer "does living in a mess mean you have to have an individual licence per room" or can messes purchase a licence under the hotels and mobile units ruling although the rooms are for the length of a posting they are not occupied for more than 28 consecutive days as such!.

    Has any mess tried this ? the main home licence does not cover this need when in a mess.

    Many thanks.
  2. If your room has a lock on the door where your TV is kept then yes. It then becomes for your own personal use.
    Can't see the EO's getting onto camp easily, a lot of the ones I know are ex squaddies though. (worst job I had for a long time, EO that is.)
  3. "If your house is divided into bedsits or flats with their own facilities then each unit will need its own TV licence."
    If Service personnel have any queries regarding their licence, they can get in touch with TV Licensing on 0844 800 6731 or visit

    O S
  4. We have a current station commander who has openly invited the detector vans onto the camp.
  5. 2008DIN01-062 TV Licence, Requirements for Service Personnel Messes and Clubs

    Basically if you live in SLA shared or single you have to cough up

    If it is a communal area the station licence is good

    More detailed than that, but that’s the gist

    And yes, they can come and inspect at short notice (access all areas)
  6. TVL Enforcement Visits:

    Will be carried out at short notice (with prior notification)

    Are to be given escorted access (specifically SLA)

    Knowledge of visit should be limited to essential staff

    Personnel found using TV’s without a licence will be liable to prosecution

    He hasn't exactly invited them, the are allowed by law
  7. You clearly have a station commander who is a cock then, the are plenty of ways to stop them entering the camp, seems like your man is a total cock.
  8. What ways are they then mate, I’m intrigued
  9. But if you're a Paedolphile, rapist, murderer, thief etc then you don't need a licence. Ain't life grand?
  10. Really. Like what may I ask?

    Edited to add that I'm clearly far too slow as both CAARPS and legs posted as I was typing.

    Legs, whilst I disagree with prisoners being given everything on a plate it doesn't excuse the fact that soldiers both living in and out are obliged to have a TV licence. Why prisoners even have TVs is beyond me.
  11. Simple answer is - if you have a telly licence for your own gaffe, you can transfer it when you are not at your own "Place of Residence" to your room in the mess via the internet. Why they've shoved a little "s" in there, I have no idea.

    Hope this helps.
  12. No Problem mate, but it seems to have gone very quiet on the outrage bus (again)

    I remember when I lived in, we decided to get a room TV between the 8 of us, we went to DER (remember them) and got the tele. A few weeks later the bloke who signed the rental agreement got a reminder about his TV licence.

    That was in 1984 8O so it’s not a new thing
  13. Years ago as a Troopy we used to get letters addressed to "The resident, X Tp, Y Sqn, Z Regt, A Bks, Some town" (Address disguised for persec!) Basically an individual had been a good boy and registered a TV licence at some time. This obviously ran out and flashed up on the licencing computer as no longer having a valid licence. If they had never registered a licence the letters would never have started.

    I have seen the inspections where TV licences are stuck on TVs - all that happened was unregistered TVs were put in the guy's cars until the inspection was over.
  14. As a past member of the armed forces i find it amazing that many of today soldiers think they should be treated as special cases when it comes to basic items which every other person in the UK has to comply with. Taking this to its most ridiculous conclusion . Should a soldier pay water rates, Community charge, Car tax, Vat, Inheritance tax , ect ect
    The days when soldiers were treated differently than civilians in these matters finished when Maggie introduced the military salary back in the late 60s early 70s .Overnight pay increased dramatically but everything had to be paid for rather than having allowances for everything.
    Looking at the pay rates of today i think a TV licence is an affordable item if you wish to have a personal TV.If you dont want to pay the amount then go and watch the communial TVs in the Mess, Naafi or other club.
  15. I've got a quick question about the TV Licence as well.

    I own my own place up the line to which I travel whenever I get the chance at weekends and leave periods. I have a tv licence that covers me there. As I live on my own, and therefore can either watch my portable tv in my cabin or my tv at home but not both together at the same time, is there any way around having a valid TV Licence displayed in my cabin for inspections and so on? Please tell me that in order to watch my tv legally in my cabin, I do not have to ring up the TV Licence section on a Monday morning to change the address to my cabin and on a Friday change my address to my home address?

    I'd like to point out that I'm NOT trying to avoid paying the licence-I already do pay it. But I am not paying for two licences as a singly.

    Has anyone found a workable solution to this? I'd be interested to hear if people have as that way I can at least not have to hide my tv for Captains Rounds which is a fcuking pain in the arrse.