TV licence fee cash guarantees house prices of BBC staff!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Anyone else very angry at this news?Not only do they constantly show repeats & dross,now this!

    A corporation spokesman said: “We are fully aware of the harsh economic situation but we do need to move significant numbers of staff to a new operational centre in Salford. We seek to offer relocation assistance which is comparable to that offered across the private and public sectors.”
  2. “We are fully aware of the harsh economic situation but we do need to move significant numbers of staff to a new operational centre in Salford. We seek to offer relocation assistance which is comparable to that offered across the private and public sectors.”

    They provide the service at the end of the day. how about "Outrage as taxpayers pay for Squaddies to go Skiing"?

    Its all part of the service.
  3. Poor loves, Salford is a shitehole.
  4. and how does that compare to the allowances in JSP 752?
  5. This is similar to the Armypaying more the removals etc.

    However, 8k in relocation expenses?

    Paying for the fall in house prices?

    If anyone doesn´t want to moev and follow their job, fcuk ém off.
  6. To be fair, if I had a civi employer who wanted me to move to Salford, it would take a lot more than the BBC are offering
  7. What? You mean the piss poor excuse for television these days bar the odd worthwhile documentary?

    If I were told that part of the tax I pay was to send Private Bloggs to Switzerland for adventure training then all I would have to say about it would be that I hope he has a good time. The service provided by the military to this country though not necessarily beamed into our homes 24/7 is much, much more worth taxpayers money.

    Just because you provide the service doesn't mean you should use the license payers money to unnecessarily pamper your staff. The £5,000 for relocation seems fair. I don't know what you would then need further allowances on top of that.

    Though, I believe the 'media village' this is all related to is to be built not too far away from Salford university...which in itself has a park within its grounds that must be infested by feral pikeys considering the amount of people that get stabbed in there.

    Might be worth keeping an eye on this one to see which BBC bod is the first to find (in the words of Lance Corporal Jones) they don't like it up 'em. :twisted:
  8. Crying shame I don't have a tv license.
  9. Big fuss - remember MOD Manual 12? Nothing in here that wasn't in that and no doubt subsequent JSPs and single service docs...nor indeed that commercial companies offer, BAE SYSTEMS for example when they shifted me from Lancashire to Hampshire.
  10. BAE can hire a truck to move each individual item of your house, cuddles. It is their money.

    The licence fee is a TV Tax, ie OUR MONEY.

    Maybe shenanigans like this is why they hound people for TV licences.... for SIX YEARS!

    More here
  11. The BBC is institutionally spendthrift so there will be no savings in this exercise.

    Salaries will not be reduced to reflect the fact that they are generally less in the North than in the South, and “London weighting” will be replaced pound for pound with travel, overnight accommodation and subsistance allowances across the board to enable all employees to attend frequent meetings in London regardless of whether or not they need to be there in the first place.
  12. Believe me it does not But these are the packages people in these sort of Jobs get .Its called their contract of employment and if you could get on this gravy train you are made.
    As I left the military I fought for 18 months for £350 removal expenses due to a error in my last posting.Arrived on a new development in the west country to see all my middle class neighbours moving from their previous locations. I iooked at these people how could they afford this or that,as you became more chaty over the garden fence you get to know X paid for Y paid for that .It was incrediable what their companies paid for. But as they said their company wanted them to move there and therefore they should not be out of pocket .
    Contrast that with the mil system,but who is to blame the Government ,the Mod and our senior officers who never stand up and fight our corner.
  13. Am I the only one who is p1ssed off with this governments penchant for moving organisations out of London? Like it or not it is the Capitol City and pandering to minorities and vested interests is in MHO, stupid.
  14. Sorry i do not agree.Look at the success of moving the Met office from Bracknell to Exeter.1500 staff and families moved from the rat race South east to West country .Better value housing ,quality of life for all family ,cheaper cost of living. Lower operating costs.
    The South east and particulary London and outskirts cannot go on taking this continual building.In this world of technology most jobs of this type can be done anywhere and they should not be crammed into the south east with the government keep telling us they have to build x houses ,x roads , x airports to accomodate this self perpetuating part of the country .The south east is ( was )only booming because this government canot see a disaster until it stares them in the face.Every government department which does not realy on face to face contact and location should be moved to where there in unemployment ,space , staff, more affordable housing. Private companies should be given free business rates , money paid to local councils by central gov in return for not having to come up with the funds to cram more people in this corner of Uk ..There would be no need for a conjestion charge if there was no conjestion. There would be no need to upgrade trains to central london if there was less people travelling on them .It needs the will and a bold plan not the likes of Prezzer tampering at the edges.I lived in London for 3 years i would never want to repeat the experiance.