TV licence dodgers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by General_Layabout, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Mine didn't wash either with so many repeats on,I just sent them a photocopy of last years licence.
  2. They probably though that extorting money out of people was wrong.

    Money to pay an obscene salary of £4 Million to people like Jonathon Ross and £200,000 per annum to each of the BBCs 487 Executives etc etc. This aside from the Nu Labour bais of the BBC - all of which is funded by the TV Licencing racket.

    There are websites available giving hot tips on how to avoid paying the licence - like not answering the door or engaging in any form of communication with beaurocrats who come hammering on your door in the dead of night.
  3. You read the TV guide you don't need the TV!
  4. How are they extorting money out of you?
    Its a simple deal, buy a telly, buy a licence.
    Don't want to buy a licence? Simple, don't buy a telly.

  5. Worse than that - Wossy is on £6 million a year :twisted:
  6. All I'm saying is TV on demand. No licence fee, no problem.
  7. Unlike Sky that charge at least 3 times as much, mostly for repeats of old BBC programmes that you've already paid for once, edited to fit in the adverts that you are also paying for every time you purchase their products. And you get to pay extra for any film/sporting event worth watching.
    Just so the multi-billionaire, Murdoch, can have a few more billions.

    But no one ever complains about that, do they. Just the BBC.
  8. At least no-one makes you get Sky.
  9. “My dog watches it while I’m at work to keep him company – not me.”
    And the muppet thought that was a good excuse!
  10. I can cancel my Sky service if I choose to though. Refusing to pay a telly licence isn't an option unless you choose to live without telly altogether. It's a bit like having to pay National Insurance even if you've gone private with BUPA.

    I reserve the right to be picky when it involves a service I am bound to pay by law.
  11. There's something fundamentally wrong about being forced to pay for a telly licence when there's a good chance that you won't be watching the programmes on offer. It's an anachronistic holdover from the days of steam telly when BBC was the only game in town, but because the BBC executives and their muckers are doing very nicely thank you from it, they don't want it changed.

    I wonder what would happen if, say, five million folks simply refused to pay.

  12. No one makes you get a TV licence, either.

    You are not bound to pay it by law. Turn the TV off and you don't have to pay anything.
    TV is optional, not a necessity. If you don't want to pay for it, don't watch it.
    Oddly enough, making and broadcasting TV programs is expensive, someone has to pay for it. As you are the one wanting to view it, why shouldn't it be you?
    What else do you think should be free? Music? Films? Food?

    How is someone supposed to watch TV in the UK without watching the BBC? Who the fuck watches ITV? C4 has gone way downhill, and 5 has stopped the evening soft porn. 90%+ of satellite and cable is old terrestrial programming, mostly from the BBC.

    The transmitters would be turned off as there would be no staff to run them. People would then have to get off their fat arses, as there would be no TV or radio or BBC online, or stop whinging about 40p a day.
  13. No one makes you buy a TV either. You are paying for a service. Like it or not TV production is a very expensive business. And not forgetting the license also funds dozens of national and local radio stations and online media.

    Edit - beaten to it by Ottar.
  14. Perhaps they object to the threatening manner in which a private company attempts to claim the TV tax; the vast volume of letters accusing people of evading the licence, warning of impending investigations and requiring people to contact them to confirm their innocence. TV Licensing seems to think that every house must have a TV and not having a licence automatically means that a television is being watched unlawfully in that property, so they should order an investigation and send inspectors round, who are deliberately intimidating and attempt to force their way into people's dwellings by citing imaginary powers to search houses. If the licence was collected in a civil manner it would be far more acceptable; I for one object to being treated like a criminal by a private company hired by the propaganda wing of the Labour Party.