TV licence boycott about to happen ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. According to that lady lawyer in last night's Panorama programme who claimed that a much larger phidiofile ring was operating within the BBC , if that proves to be true, i can see a mass boycott of TV licences not being paid in protest by society, thus plunging the BBC into a new crisis.

    How do you think society will respond ?
  2. I can guess how the Sun and Sky TV will respond - by calling for a boycott. On the fairly sound principle that anything the Sun advocates is foolish, self-seeking and wrong, I shall carry on paying.
  3. I'm watching the outrage about the BBC on the BBC.
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  4. Can I claim back my percentage of Savile's wages paid with my enforced license fee?.
  5. I personally plan on not giving a flying **** in a high wind.

    What's a phidiofile?
  6. You're going to boycott not paying it, hows that going to work?
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  7. I shall pay my License fee but never watch BBC again, that'll larn 'em.
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  8. I'm going to make Sir Jimmy a new headstone out of milk bottle tops and some sticky back plastic. That'll show 'em.
  9. Direct Debit seems favourite.
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  10. Well…

    The BBC did rather pile on on the 'Dirty Digger' earlier this year…


    I'm sure Mr Murdoch is loving every minute of revenge being served nicely chilled.
  11. I'm fine, I have a letter from the DG that promises that none of MY license fee was ever used to pay Sir J.Savile. Its the rest of you funding a paedophile's lifestyle!

    May you all burn in Hell, you nonce lovers!!
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  12. A phidiofile? What's one of those, then?
  13. Mostly, they'll not give a **** and/or just continue paying by direct debit anyway.

    Best regards, not particularily outraged of Surrey.
  14. Spelt correctly, it's someone with an abnormal sexual attraction to snakes and reptiles (an ophidiophile). Which presumably means they have a strange sexual yearning for Harriet Harman or Douglas Carswell. Wierdos.
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  15. My "boycott" began 5 years ago when I worked out the entire BBC output is basically turgid crap, and stopped paying for Strictly X factor dancing on Ice and re-runs of Dad's Army. I didn't need a ring of Nonce's in TV broadcasting to tell me that. £145.50 is a lot of second hand DVD Box sets from Blockbuster.

    That said I would laugh if they pulled Al Beeb because of a lack of fitness to Broadcast. It still amazes me 67 years after Reichssender Hamburg closed its doors for good, that people haven't worked out it is unnecessary to continue to pay for state propaganda.
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