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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Anna TV Producer, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. I'm writing from Tiger Aspect - Tiger Aspect - where I am a producer. We will be filming a programme following a panel of legal aspects aiming to resolve a wide range of cases we bring to them.

    As 10,000 military redundancies have just been announced I am hoping to find out if any ARRSE members have been laid off, and if so, whether they want to talk to a lawyer about it. I have also read news articles that predict many seriously injured soldiers, even amputees, will soon be out of work too - is this the case?

    I'm purely at research stage so all calls treated in strictest confidence.
    My DL is 020 7529 9549 or email
  2. Is it worth pointing out that soldiers/officers aren't going to be told if they are made compulsorily redundant until Sept 2011? Probably not...
  3. Yes - there is now a process where soldiers who are no longer fit for service, which includes those injured on operations, are being discharged. This process, for the injured, doesn't kick in until their treatment has reached a certain point. It is all to do with the "Army Recovery Capability" and the formal policy statement is (or was, late last year):
  4. Those were people on extended service - rolling annual contracts. Retained for their experience but on an "as needed" basis. A stupid, unpleasant way to break the news - but a mistake (the sender of the email thought that they had already been told, face to face, that this was coming), as happens in many organisations.
  5. It's worth pointing out that members of the armed forces (and the RAF too) are forbidden from contacting the press (though their families, of course, are not). It is also worth pointing out that it is not the done thing on this site for people to use it for the benefit of their commercial interests (be it trying to sell stuff, or trying to produce a television programme) without the prior consent of the site admins.
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Hi Anna TV Producer. I am confused too. Do you seek comment on the emailed notices sent on 15th Feb or those reported in the media today? Because they are different.
  7. And what exactly would a lawyer be able to do in these circumstances?
  8. There you go again...putting the mockers on another 'outrage'.

  9. You're ******* unstoppable tonight aren't you?
  10. Bugger, and I just got the work ticket for the bus too. I won't bother with the POL then?
  11. TheIronDuke

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    Who among us can know the mind of Anna TV Producer. After all, Anna is a TV Producer and important. But as someone who doesnt even own a TV, let me guess?


    Or maybe it's something to do with carrots?
  12. Perhaps if Anna was to post some pictures it might help or at least curry some favour?
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    Now the culture bit,"First lets kill the Lawyers" William Shakespeare
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    Please. I am sure Anna TV Producer has a lovely bunch of coconuts and I have no doubt she is gagging to post them and invite comment. But bigger issues are at stake here if we are to further the career of Anna TV Producer (shite website by the way Babes. That Flash intro is soooo 1990's and headache inducing and it makes you look like Tiger is trying too hard to impress, you know?)

    I am DYING to see the story-board for filming with 'legal aspects'. Wasnt there ASPECTS in that film 'Harry Potter And The Big ******* Chicken'? I am sure there was. Big flapping ASPECTS? Or was that 'Mary Poppins And The Lazy ******* Intern'?