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Whenever I watch TV through my Sky HD box the sound is almost a whole second behind the picture. Annoying enough for speech, but really frustrating when it's an action film and the sound of an explosion is well after the image.

Anyone got any ideas why this is and how to sort it?

Sky HD and Phillips Ambilight TV running through a 1.5 meter HDMI cable.
This can be a number of things, and is a known SKY fault. I understand they are working on a software fix.

Basics first though.

I'm presuming you've tried unplugging the box, leaving it for a couple of minutes and switching it all back on again, and checked and double checked that all the cables are nice and secure.

It usually only affects one channel, so a retune of the box may sort it.

The TV can sometimes be at fault, so a retune of that will not hurt.

Staying on the TV for a mo, have you got a 'digital noise reduction' function? Most modern big screens have, so check whether this is on or off, and change it.

If none of these work, you can try and force an update.

This is not recommended by SKY (cannot think why) but I've carried this out on a few boxes and it's fine.

Using the buttons on the box, not the remote.

Put the box into STANDBY and press the BACKUP button. Don't take your finger off till I tell you...

Remove the card and replace it back in the slot upside down.

Keep your finger on the BACKUP button...

Unplug the box or hit the off switch next to the plug.

Keep your finger on the BACKUP button and count 15 seconds.

Plug back in. (Or switch on at the plug.)

You'll get 4 lights on the front of the box. You may get a message on the TV screen asking you to wait 10 mins, this is normal and can be ignored.

Remove the card and replace it correctly.

NOW you can take your finger off the BACKUP button.

Make a cup of tea, keep an eye on the box. You'll eventually (around 5 minutes) get the single red STANDBY light on the front of the box.

You can now use the remote to power the box up in the usual way.

If this lot hasn't sorted the problem you need to let SKY know. Before i had spoken to him, a neighbour of mine got a new box and a free month, as they are aware of the problem. But it took them a week to send an engineer, during which time the problem got so bad he couldn't watch the TV through his SKY box.

Oh, to end, my neighbour said the SKY engineer carried out the procedure mentioned above as soon as the new box was plumbed in.
Check the audio delay settings in the menus (somewhere). I've got an external soundbox that's got it's own HDMI and optical connection and needs about 60ms delay to sync with the picture correctly. Occasionally my idiot son messes about with the settings and I have to go in and fix it.
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