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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tabemeister, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. Boring post but hey ho. I am trying to track down the name of a TV drama shown I think in the 80's about a Sgt who is injured in NI and subsequently discharged. It basically follows his life falling to bits after discharge. I've hunted high and low on tinternet but no joy. Anyone know? :?
  2. No this was a one off drama, like play for today, although I think it was ITV, not sure though. don't remeber anyone famous in it.
  3. The only NI type drama I can remember is Spearhead, but not sure that it fits that story line.
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  4. the_boy_syrup

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  5. No still not there I'm afraid, I only really remember the end when he goes to a reunion gets absolutely crappered tells them them they are all cnuts has to be carried back to his crappy council flat where his only mate, his pet mouse, has escaped and his wingers who have carried him home see the little furry guy running around and exclaim, fcuk me he's even got rats in here, cue end credits.

    Does that ring any bells.
  6. yes it does but i cannot for the life of me think of its name,think it was bbc 1,and in 2 parts with before tour,tour and injury during rioting,and then after discharge and have the feeling it was on in the late 70s,not much help i known :?
  7. Thats it, I was begining to think I might have imagined it, could have been late seventies, it was certainly before I joined but when I was considering joining and I remember hoping the army didn't really treat guys who had been MD'd like that!
  8. Yeah I know the one you mean . It was a Play For Today about a Sgt in the army whose wife upsets the CO's wife so the CO has it in for him . His wife then gets fed up with army life so leaves him . He gets his leg amuptated after a grenade attack during a riot , gets discharched and becomes a bitter man . I can almost remember everything about it . Unfortunately I can't remember the title :oops:
  9. We're getting warmer come on there must be some film spanners out there who'll be able to tell me what mm film it was shot in, who the directors wife was etc.
  10. Can`t say it rings a bell but all the Play for Todays are listed on this site in four dated sections. Brought back some memories reading through that lot. :)
  11. I checked that site out and it's not there that's why I assume it was not a Play For Today, as you say some good titles though, pity they don't repeat them on one of the freeview channels instead of some of the crap they show.
  12. I definately remember it being a PFT . I can also remember one of the cast Brian Hall , best known as Terry the Chef in Fawlty Towers . And I'm almost certain it was written by Nick Mcarthy the creator of Spearhead . Unfortunately neither McCarty or Hall are credited for this PFT at the IMDb
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    Plus ca change. A depiction of how squaddies were treated last time Labour were in power.