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Just seen some Irish bint on the telly in Comet,cooking some stuff.Does someone have a surname? as I need to do some more "research" about her.Ta.
I can't remember her surname but she's called Rachel and has a programme called "Rachel Cooks".

Hope this helps :D
Rachel Allen? Seems to feature in a lot of cooking type shows on the beeb


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Rachel Alan eh? T1Ts, check, pulse, check, hole(s), check - yep, I'd do her up the meat box.
McVitie said:
I just caught her on the box as I woke up...No bra on this morning either... :twisted:

Who you or her ?
I thought it was McVitie who was chocking the chicken after seeing her with no bra on.
No she doesn't do a mean Ulster would be a mean Dublin Coddle.
She is pleasing wide in the beam...with a substantial "Saturday Night Gap", which is supposedly the mark of a filthy one. There is no question, from the way she handles sausages and works pastry that she is a "ride".

Mmmmm...backs to the wall!
"I think I'll eat...that one!"

Cuddles said:
No she doesn't do a mean Ulster would be a mean Dublin Coddle.
Well she did a mean full ulster on Saturday but then I woke up.
Still,If she was staying at my gaff,then it would be a full ulster!All 7 inchs of it! :twisted:
My dyslexic ex-girlfriend used to love cooking socks!!!!

Coat, taxi ....

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