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TV channel missing.

Bit of a weird one this.

I have a Panasonic 32" LCD TV, connected to it are a Panasonic DVD with Digi twin tuner and a Sagem PVR Digi twin tuner.

The other day I did a new set up scan for new channels on all three, DVD and PVR are fine, all the usual channels found and moved in to favourites, the problem is with the TV.

All the usual channels were found, when I transferred them across to 'favourites' they all showed up in the order I put them in, I then saved favourites, closed and went to 'programme guide'.

In the guide all the channels are there in the order I saved them except BBC1, which is missing, back in the 'all channels menu' it is visible, as a found channel.

Because I've already moved it to 'favourites' it's not available to move again.

Although it's not visible in the guide, I can press '1' on the remote and it will take me to BBC1, once there I can some times view the 'Next On' guide but other times not.

The other two boxes both have 'BBC1' as normal.

The TV guide is a Radio Times Guide, the DVD guide is a generic guide.

I've searched google but there doesn't seem to be any one else with this problem.

I know the answer is probably to re-scan, but I thought I'd ask here in case any of you Nobles had come across this problem before.


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