TV Britains Hardest Pubs - Pegasus Aldershot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CardinalSin, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. On Sky 2 now (Sun 13 Aug - 2330 hrs), a programme about the Pegasus in Aldershot.
  2. I wonder if the Gryphon Squadron (LoF) drink in there too?
  3. That bit was only on for about 10 minutes. Shame really, but it had some numpties stapling beermats to their heads, whacking pool balls at each other, drunkenly going on about 'airborne this and that'. Hoorah!
  4. It's a gay bar now isn't it? Europa?

    How sweet :wink:
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  5. Are you sure that's the toughest pub???

    The programme I watched mentioned one up Leicester??
  6. TV crap.

    Never saw a fight in the Pegasus in 20 odd years, theres barely room to swing a cat never mind a punch.

    Its a Bistro/Euro Cafe/Eastern European owned front for illegal worker trafficking now I believe.

    Did biff one of the Bar Maids once though...
  7. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Are you telling me it wasn't always?
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  8. Ah the Pegasus! The only pub that made the Pillars of Hercules look sohisticated...
  9. sandfly - "Its a Bistro/Euro Cafe/Eastern European owned front for illegal worker trafficking now I believe."

    For the Eastern European workers across the road who'll clean your car on the cheap.... as they fecking steal everything out of it and sell it all on!!
  10. Not the Pony???
  11. "Moody"

    Theres no way on this planet that I would admit to biffing "The Pony".

    Or her elder sister "The Horse" for that matter...

    Err, not a mate of theirs I hope?
  12. Britains hardest pub? fcuk off, try going into the Springfield arms in Glasgow and ordering a campari and lemonade.
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  13. Does PMcA still run the Gunmaker's Arms in Olde London Towne?
  14. Funny you should say that. Every time I go back to Glesga (like last weekend), I see those evil looking pubs with (at best) darkened and reinforced windows on loads of the street corners and they just exude malevolence. PROPER pubs! Not like most of the alcopop disco bars in English city centres.

    You might get stabbed, but it's nothing personal! :wink:
  15. It was in Brum... And no.