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Nelson's War

8:00pm - 9:00pm

Channel 4

VIDEO Plus+: 1515
Repeat, Subtitled

Documentary about Britain's greatest naval hero Admiral Horatio Nelson. His determination, daring and humanity became legendary even before his victory and death at the Battle of Trafalgar. However, his critics accused him of being vain, irrational and a stain on the national honour. From his affair with Lady Hamilton to his wartime heroics, who was the man who fought so courageously and loved so passionately?
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Rum, Sodomy and the Lash

9:00pm - 10:00pm

Channel 4

VIDEO Plus+: 1751

C4 is naval gazing this week, with a trip to HMS Victory tomorrow and tonight an attempt to convey the life of Jolly Jack Tars in Nelson's time. This being C4, there are Jill Tars, too - crossdressing lesbians weren't unknown in the navy, though to fool their shipmates for years, they probably weren't the saucy-looking types cast here. It's reconstructions all the way and the brutal world of an 18th-century man o' war comes vividly to life. It's all good stuff, but you're constantly aware that this isn't an area where the small screen is at its best: darkness, chaos and, above all, stench just aren't very televisual
Hopefully the Naval Neddies will tell us if they thought it was any good? :D
According to the producers of Rum, Sodomy and the Lash, the socially diverse crews of the C18 navy tacked around the world to a soundtrack of 70s reggae and soft rock! Whilst undeniably entertaining, this was populist cod history at its very worst. It was a shame that some reputable naval historians had to appear on the same screen as some of the PC tosh peddlars featured in this programme.
It was a bit "noo age"

But it was worth watching for Kate Williams. Yes I know she's Ginge , but dammmmmmn.
She would actually get it. Despite being "strawberry Blonde". Still way too much "might have probably could have been" in the programme though.
29/08/05 C4 21.00 BST


Trafalgar Battle Surgeon

9:00pm - 10:00pm

Channel 4

VIDEO Plus+: 6417

Episode written by Peter Guinness

A medical drama with a difference: set below decks on HMS Victory, it follows the events of 21 October 1805 from the point of view of ship's surgeon William Beatty. As the battle of Trafalgar rages overhead, Beatty and his team fight to save the lives of injured sailors. Beatty wrote several accounts of his hellish day's work, on which this film draws. It can't hope to re-create the carnage there must have been: Beatty and his colleagues dealt with 102 cases and performed 11 amputations while the cannonballs smashed into the ship around them. But it does give us an idea of the grisly confusion and their professionalism under pressure.

David Butcher

William Beatty - Francis Magee

Loblolly boy - Roger Daltrey

Gunner Rivers - John Castle

William Westenburg - Jim De Groot

Andrew Ram - Bennett Warden

William Rivers - Michael Dunning

Sarah Pitt - Kate Ambler

Richard Roberts - Nathan Mellows

John Pasco - Vern Griffiths

George Westphal - Philip Desmeules

Rev Scott - Carwyn Owen

Horatio Nelson - Robert Linge

Thomas Hardy - Christopher Sloman
One for the matelots and the medicos , good reports elsewhere on this.

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