TV alert 05/09/06 23:20 BST BBC2 Dunkirk.


Dunkirk: The Soldiers' Story

11:20pm - 12:10am


VIDEO Plus+: 602389
Repeat, Subtitled, Widescreen

Veterans of World War II describe their experiences of the retreat to Dunkirk in 1940 and the evacuation. On 10 May, the Germans began their invasions of Holland, Belgium and then France; until then all had been quiet, so this was the British soldiers' first real experience of warfare, and it was brutal.
A very good programme , not sure how many others caught it , especially pleased to see Captain James Hill, The Royal Fusiliers make an appearance and talk about his experiences.

Some of you may know him better as Brigadier James Hill , The Parachute Regiment whose D-Day briefing consisted of “Gentlemen in spite of your excellent training and orders, do not be daunted if chaos reigns. It undoubtedly will.”

Gerry kicked my old lad out of France at Dunkirk.
He said to me after the war he heard many a man who claimed they had been there, but never met anyone he beleived.
He always said the one thing you could never forget was the smoke, the large oil tanks had been set on fire and the area was covered in thick black smoke.

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