tv ads raising money for third world countrys

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by billyx, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. Hi all

    Im not trying to come across as a racist but ffs im getting fed up being asked to palm out money to places like africa, when we all know its wishfull thinking if even half the cash raised actually gets where they say its going.

    One that is knobbing my goat at the moment is the red nose knob `jamie oliver` and his annoying buy 1 and get another by paying the same as the first `thus giving more to kids with HIV

    Dont get me wrong, but i would love the world to be free of suffering and poverty, but like shite thats gonna happen buying bloody red noses.(i do my bit for charity but choose wisly )

    plus whats the point in giving to kids with hiv, who were condem`d by thier OWN parents to die a nasty slow death.

    it doesn`t say they will buy condoms with the money so the bloody parents can go at it `hammer and tongs` and NOT leave these kids with no hope.

    Im mean its not like we havn`t enough suffering in our own country
    plus by now we`ve sent soooo much rice over there,they could start thier own chinese takeaway.

    the same ads` every ad break(no i really forgot about the suffering since the last ad 10 minutes ago.

    give them seeds and shovels and let them get on with it(we`ve all seen the water pumps they have` so water isnt too bad.( malaria pills/jabs)

    give a man a net and he will catch his own fish etc etc etc

    and if these celebs really cared, they would shell out thier own money to help instead of doing a short ad `free of charge.

    and footballers could make a big differance with that kinda money.

    why even bother when most people will just think why should i(thus the chain of people saying the same continues and nothing gets done)plus we are all human and out for number 1(unless your rich and soft)

    rant over (bad day)sorry,but some good points

    any other ads that get your goat (apart from debt ads)

  2. More to the point, give a man a dildo, and he'll go and fuck himself.
  3. it would save afew bloody kids the grief thats for sure:):)

    bloody beggers the lot of em:)

    dont they shag elephants anymore?:)they are just being picky
  4. who, the elephants ????
  5. I do agree that the battering of ads to save the whale/dolphins/sprogs or the Hump Backed Knacker Frog only found on Ilkley Moor can be oppressive and while charity should begin at home, I believe the decision to give should begin AND END at home as well and not on the TV.

    If I want to give to charity and I do but only to certain causes then I will give at the office and partially drowning a has been celebrity in a bath of semolina will not alter that fact. And the red nose only covers his already red nose due to his alcohol problem.
  6. What gets me is that for the past 25 years we have had charity events raising millions of pounds for these peoples and here we are again raising even more. Don't get me wrong I'm not against charity but after 25 years they seem to be worse off than when we first started. Whats the point in raising cash if nothing changes?
  7. i know how to get celebs to part with the cash!!

    do an airdrop over africa with the celeb cover`d in a female elephant/rino/lions urine and leave them with a mobile so they can try and buy thier way out.

    if they dont,we can atleast watch some seriously good tv.

    charity begins at home is also my motto,i do give my old stinking boots to the charity bins and ripped and shatin undies.

    im a true giver me!:)
  8. charity begins in the home.

    when our pensioners can heat their homes in the winter without fear of bankruptcy then maybe we could entertain other charities.
  9. when our pensioners can heat their homes in the winter without fear of bankruptcy then maybe we could entertain other charities.

    no point cos the hired care help lets them rot or abuses them anyhow.

    council tax is the noose round are throats,and blair knows it(sitting in his warm little house)

    and they expect the general public can pay charitys.cheeky Bast*rds
  10. You're wrong, British money has improved people's lives. Keep donating.

    King buys £450,000 fleet of BMWs for 11 wives
  11. Good skills that bloke. Thats what living is all about.

    Let them eat cake I say.
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I have refused to fund Africas despots for several years now. It is a money pit of corruption that gets worse each year and shows no signs of improvement so why fcuking bother.

    People will argue that why make the innocents suffer but they don't get the aid sent anyway so just stop giving it.
  13. Do What I do, turn the telly over and watch something else on rednose day.

    I dont give a penny to any of these TV charities, including that one with the injured bear pudsey...after so many years and so many millions donated, you'ld have thought they would have cured the fecker by now.

    I occasionally buy things from charity shops like, help the aged, Cancer research and the one that used to be called the spastics society...cant for the life of me remember what they call it now!! Mllars 'r' us??

    You can get some good second hand books there far cheaper than buying them new, and thats usually where I buy greetings cards...(not second hand ones though as i dont have any friends or relatives called Mildred who are celebrating a 73rd birthday!!)
  14. qoute::
    and thats usually where I buy greetings cards...(not second hand ones though as i dont have any friends or relatives called Mildred who are celebrating a 73rd birthday!!)

    tipex cures those cards:)

    i didnt like charity shops but having a misses that does stopped all that fussyness:)
    plus you can pickup some good pc games sometimes.

    tip::dont shop in a charity shop which stocks exotic coffie(they up thier prices)

    The local tip has a section of dumped goods which they sell on, and you can find some real bargains(like my lcd 42inch lg tv)£50 for an £800 tv, but no remote but the all-4-1 solves that.

    and its still recycling!!:)im cheap you know
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I hate it when you get those plastic bags shoved thru the letterbox,usually about 3 a day allfrom different mong collectors asking for your cloths.Then if you dont fill them & leave the bag on the doorstep the bar stewards never lift it!