TV Ad Enforcer - coming to a set-top box near you.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BagCharge, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Why not? Cheers for there's not enough fu*king adverts now anyway!
  2. Oh FCUK OFF.

    Not you BagCharge but which ever mindless cnut invented this.

    If that ever gets implemented on any TV or channel that I watch then the TV is going out the fcuking window.

    I fcuking hate TV adverts and go out of my way to avoid the damn things. Can you imagine not being able to zap the fcukers away. Arrghhh
  3. Surely we could pull in the human right act or something as it is a breach of our civil liberties. Make the fecking thing work for us for a change!
  4. Its only on pre recorded channel options so stop moaning you bunch of cnuts.

    Try getting off your fat arses and making a brew if you dont like watching the ads.
  5. You think that it will stay like that? You don't think that if/when this goes public that it will appear on lots and lots of other channels?

    I can't drink a brew every 15 mins!
  6. eeerrr no!!

    "1) prevents a viewer of a direct (nonrecorded) broadcast from switching channels when an advertisement is displayed and (2) prevents a viewer of a recorded program from fast-forwarding the recorded program in order to skip past advertisements that were recorded with the program. A viewer may either watch the advertisements or pay a fee in order to be able to change channels or fast-forward when the advertisements are being displayed."

    And make ya own f$cking brew :D
  7. Its designed to prevent peple from fast forwarding ads on pre recorded options. It will never move over to terrrestrial tv - can you see the BBC having all their license payers stuck in the ad break on ITV - mate.
  8. You've been watching to many TV ads. Your eyes are fcuked.

  9. But terrestrial TV is being switched off....then we is fecked!!
  10. TV's have off buttons!
  11. "We just provide the technology. It's up to the broadcaster to decide on how they use the technology,"

    My point precisely, just beacuse the technology is there to do it - does not mean broadcasters will use it. Those who run ad breaks between programming content would love it (ITV/Channel 4/Channel 5 etc) - but it is extremely unlikely to happen.
  12. Unless of course the advertising company threaten to pull their ads (And their sponsorship money) unless the broadcasters implement the technology...just a thought. After all business is business. sod the end user
  13. Absur-f$cking-lutely correct AF1771...............there's plenty money to be made here. So moodybitch take a wild guess at what's going to happen or are you from a different planet!!!
  14. You could never do that - advertisers buy media on a ratings basis and tend to work across multiple channels in order to reach their audience. It is very rare to find a person who watches the same channel throughout the course of the evening and an advertiser would be mad to put all their budget into one channel.

    Seriously, it will never happen