Tuxedo for Crimbo Ball

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by acl, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    Righty ho ho ho ....

    It's that time of the year again and the Christmas Ball is approaching fast. So, I have sorted out my gown, etc etc. Now I'm about to buy the OH tuxedo off the net and after measuring him over the weekend ( :wink: ) I have his trousers size but I'm confused over the size of the jacket and so I'm here for some advice.

    I buy my jackets and tops according to chest size, how is it with men? How do I work out what size of jacket I need to buy for him? by measuring his shoulders or all around his chest?

    I had a look at all his jackets, including his uniforms, and they're all slightly different sizes. His civvy clothes are mostly size M.

    Also, looking at the prices on the net I can't figure out whether they're good quality suits or not, what should I look for when finally purchasing one?

    As with regards to shoes, some sellers offer deals where patent shoes are included. I always found them quite tacky, should I just buy him leather shoes?

    Is there anything else I have to look for before buying the tuxedo? I just want him to look smart and classy but all within a reasonable price.
  2. Yeah, you can stop calling it a tuxedo, it's a bloody dinner jacket.
  3. I agree patent shoes are yuck as is a cummerband.

    Black leather shoes, DJ, bow tie, frilly shirt say £200 and will be smart enough.
  4. Mess dress?
  5. Good call ;)
  6. acl if your avatar is you ,will you save me the last dance ?
  7. Can't he sort it out himself? How old is he 13?
  8. must be Officers Mess Dress then :)
  9. A nice present for your OH. Obviously the more you spend on a dinner suit the better quality it will be. Having said that you should be able to pick up a reasonable one for between £100 and £200. Don't buy him a cummerbund because they are a pain and look naff anyway, likewise patent leather shoes. Good Oxfords or even George Boots will do. Black socks, a good shirt with button studs and double cuffs. Regimental cuff links are a suitable accessory for a JNCO. DJ should be single breasted and held in place by waste band with braces. Trousers should break at the 3rd eyehole on the shoe if worn or roughly 3/4 inch from floor if wearing George boots. The bow tie should be one that needs to be tied, you will probably have to learn to tie it for him too! At a push buy a ready tied one but remember that James Bond always ties his own. Black is the usual colour but other colours are acceptable if uniform and not too garish.
    The opportunities for wearing a DJ are few and far between in the Army as mess dress is worn in both the Sergeants' and Officers' messes so don't go overboard on price. If you are likely to attend a lot of civvi formal occasions then go ahead and spend a bob or two.
    Remember that you should be wearing webbing and go commando (a little piece of etiquette that is often forgotten). Oh and don’t forget to send me a photo of you in said webbing so I can let you know if it is adjusted properly.

  10. Well saved MT
  11. Something from here might be an idea post your thoughts here and we will let you know what we think in our, professional manner Ideas

    And they offer a 20% discount now to teh armed forces
  12. http://www.slaters.co.uk/content/frameset.asp?page=s1

    This a a good company who do a good range of DJs etc right across the price range. They also do alterations in store and it takes 4-5 days.
    In the formalwear section there is also a measurement guide that will assist you with what and where to measure from/to.
    If you live too far away from a store it wont help but at least you will have the measurement guide.
  13. I think Cummerbunds and braces can complete the ensemble with a classic DJ , like wot I has.

    Mind you, a Regimental one I've just found out costs 20 Squids. Blimey!
  14. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    ebay, mine cost £4.99
  15. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    Cheers Mark, I bought him a DJ+trousers off eBay and got a bargain, I'm happy. I went to www.blacktieguide.com for some guides and it paid off. I'll learn how to tie the bow tie.