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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. From the Para & AF website

    Government run site? MODS pulled by sinister forces?
    Any relevant conspiracy theories to go with this?
  2. ORC - what was the website? Have you got a link? I might organise an illegal e-demonstration there. Ah, no - that would be illegal. Technically.

    Edited/Red Inked for clarity or something.
  3. Sorry, my other point was that Mr PTP (of the above quoted email) seems to be a real Grown Up - but reminds me of one of those judges completely at odds with "the here, the now".
  4. ha ha, they can't stop us all cos some of us are no longer subject to QR's etc............................
  5. I thought that. But in the post he is saying he can acquaint reserves with QR's. How can we still be covered under QA's when were no longer recieving a wage?
  6. AGAI 60 whatsit covers all ranks of the TA at all times. Kindly remind the Judge in the Pensions case, that this is so.
  7. Yeah, but what about reserves i.e ex-Army folk like myself. I thought we are only liable for call out and then if we do not turn up, it is a civil matter.
  9. ORC I have long been suspisous of the Moderators and yes It would not surprise me to find out that the board is a Government wind up to enable Blurs Though police to track down subversives in the ranks.
    Cum the 4'O clock knock.
  10. The Govt isn't briight enough to wipe it's own ARRSE never mind set this one up.

    The Mods have got a very delicate job. There are people out there whose natural reaction to ARRSE would be to close it down. The mods have the job of keeping everything on the site legal and within the parameters of opsec and persec, and preventing any **** retentives who don't like the site from finding an excuse to close it.

    As a fully paid up member of the awkward squad for many years I think that they do a good job. Everytime they do censor anything they are prepared to justify the reasons for doing it.
  11. Mushroom wrote:

    Everytime they do censor anything they are prepared to justify the reasons for doing it.

    As are the Government...
  12. Don't be silly, this sad excuse of a Govt only justify anything when they are caught with either finger in till or snout in the trough - or both.
  13. Lets not forget dodgy visas and passports for I am glad to shay.....Luvvershhh
  14. AGAI 67 covers all reg and TA all of the time. YOu would need to check with ALS about covering personnel as reservists but I was led to believe that it does.
  15. Perhaps the author of that ditty would care to explain?