Tusk Shows His Impartiality and Diplomacy

You're welcome to show me, with a link, how I'm wrong. Or you can keep on claiming stuff that doesn't add up and mashing buttons. I think I know what'll happen here.
I've provided the link which you've chosen to misinterpret. You're cherry-picking the data provided to show a lower figure, while I'm using the full data set. For example, you believe this shouldn't be included, whereas I do:

EUR-Lex - 32019R0248 - EN - EUR-Lex

PS I think I know what'll happen here. Yawn.
I think the privatisation of our rail transport, power and water had more to do with ideology than any thought of appeasing Europe.

Our steel industry is a weird one. The eu wanted to do something about the dumping of Chinese steel, it was Cameron prevented a euro wide stop to that one.....which led to Port Talbot and Tata.
That’s certainly how it was sold to us. Unfortunately Rail has never functioned properly since 1947 because it was not constructed on socialist principles. Royal Mail was devised as a secure means to correspond. Therefore it has always been Nationalised and was called the Postal Service. Clues in the name.
Tusk again proving his credentials as a throbbing sock by suggesting we need a long extension to reconsider our Brexit strategy. That's right Don, none of us really want to leave the EU, none of us support democracy and none of us want to know what direction you'd like to lead the EU next. Here's an idea, come over here and debate it with us.... no?
EU's Tusk to propose long Brexit extension
The Times headline is rather more succinct:

EU will agree to extra time if there is a second Brexit referendum

The European Union is poised to tell Theresa May that she must hold a second referendum or soften Brexit in return for them granting a lengthy delay to Britain’s departure date.

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