Tusk Shows His Impartiality and Diplomacy


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Some of us interpreted the rhetoric as meaning that a deal would be sought, not that a deal would be guaranteed. What is often lost is that 'No Deal' is still a deal, albeit one that the EU do not want. They want the UK to remain part of the EU both to prop up the EU's internal economy and to lend the whole enterprise credence.

Leaving with 'No Deal' simply means that we are in the same position as we were before joining - able to make our global trading and laws deals free from EU legislation.
WTO Article 24. That is all.

Carry on as you were, potentially for ten years until deals are in place.
If Mr Tusk (who reminds me of a small football club owner getting all giddy and dreaming of the third round) is so sure of the promised land why not hold a mass EU plebasite across the whole of it, giving every Hans,Sven Mario etc a vote
Since most of you fellow members voted to leave, does this mean you will be drinking Coors Light and watching Football (the proper American kind) whilst eating Hot dogs and Brats?? This version of hell sounds rather nice. Mind if I join in?


, every Brexiteer including all the so called hard liners
I'm sorry but thats just pigeonholing or stereotyping us. Many of us wanted Brexit and WTO rules from the day Cameron promised us the choice which reneged on!
Tusk really does seem to have all the required attributes to excel as an untouchable , unelected EU Bureaucrat .... Oh and by the by I suppose in an obtuse way it was my father and his generation who played a significant part in his being able to have been born and thus eventually elected to his exalted role ... funny old world and how it can change in a couple of generations .
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So sad it all gets personal. Where is he from o yes Poland.
In his Wiki entry it says - Tusk credits his interest in politics to watching clashes between striking workers and riot police when he was a teenager!
Shame he lacks decorum and basic diplomatic skills.
In fairness to Tusk, and missing from the hyperlink, he's complaining about no-plan, hard-exit Brexiteers in this case. With which I fundamentally agree.
I agree, but this was not the way to go about saying it. All it's doing is making more people say f-you! to the EU. Burning bridges etc...
no thanks, Id rather you gave the specifics of your assertion so we can discuss them.

Telling me to have a general google about stuff that Brexit campaigners said is ridiculous.

Effectively, youre admitting to having no valid point, no evidence and no idea what youre talking about.
My research rates are enormously expensive. Send me your bank account details so I can take my fee and I'll be happy to oblige your request to undertake this work.


I wish I had not voted for him now, oh wait
There a bit on Youtube of Farage in the EU "parliament" saying that none of the five EU presidents have been elected. Junker jumps to the defence of the president of the EU "parliament" and says he was elected by the members of the " parliament". Farage asks how many names were on the ballot paper. Junker didn't answer because there was only one!!
Gosh he's also got gongs - bit of a Ruritania mix!
Order of the Sun of Peru
Royal Norwegian Order of Merit
Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana
I like the photo of O'Leo O'Varadkar trailing behind Tusk like the good little Oirish poodle he has become. No wonder lots of my Irish pals are frothing, and not because of Brexit. The clown has brought Ireland to a level even Eamon Dev couldn't get down to. :cool:


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Whilst you all get your panties in a bunch about what Tusk had to say about leading Brexiters, he was as damning on those who hope to remain as he was on the snakeoil salesmen:

But the facts are unmistakable. At the moment, the pro-Brexit stance of the UK prime minister, and the Leader of the Opposition, rules out this question.

Today, there is no political force and no effective leadership for Remain. I say this without satisfaction, but you can’t argue with the facts.’


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I wouldn't equate saying:
'there is no political force and no effective leadership for Remain' with
'I’ve been wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted Brexit'.


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We're going to have to live with the EU in the future, regardless of whether we are in it or not. No deal poisons the EU relationship for decades...
That's a two way arrangement. The UK is one of the EU's biggest export markets. I suspect the UK is going to end up substituting ROW imports for EU imports over the next few years.

You make the case for those who disparage remainers, exceedingly well.
You think what I say adds anything to their quest to stamp out any different views about Brexit.

I'm flattered!
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