Turret trauma

Discussion in 'RAC' started by ObnoxiousJockGit, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. Check out this video on youtube. The malarky starts about 2.30 into the vid. I'm sure we've all had similar.
  2. i liked the end bit.
    thats the best.

    Reminds me of my last range period. It was rather disconcerting with my commander trying to free a round jammed in the feed tray with a nylon hammer, stopping every few blows to giggle to himself and mutter "I'm hitting an HE round with a hammer. I don't like it" etc.

    Funnily enough, the armourer eventually shifted it with a massive clout (while we sat with our fingers in our ears).
  4. Classic! You wouldn't get me sticking my foot into the breech though. What tank is that - clearly not the Abrams or is my Veh Rec really that shite?

    Funnily enough we've also had the Gunfitter pop in and sort things with his hammer ... "look away for a sec please gents .... (WALLOP) errr yep, that's sorted it!"
  5. Lol - yeah done that too, as if that's gonna help if it all goes boom! The other one I like is the loader trying to look away whilst opening the breech after a stoppage wait 30. What's the bloody point?!
  6. You said it mate - SHITE LOL!!! Sort it out **b!
  7. :oops: Yeah well it looks different from inside alright? :oops:

    By the way anyone notice just how shocking his burst lengths were? He used a whole ACT's worth in one ranging burst. I've heard of aggressive gunnery but that's something else!
  8. Ohh that made me cringe!!
  9. Anyone remember the Services Kinema Corporation "Ammunition Accidents" (or summat), where the crew of a Saladin attempt to remove a stuck round with a hammer and chisel? :omfg:
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Do you know, I didn't. But I sort of do now, vaguely.

  11. Ooh, stoppage. I can't wait for one of those to happen to me...
  12. Think they are still showing it, or at least someone showed us an old copy. I went through training 3 years ago.
  13. Kind of reminds me, as we were bombing up a scimmy at Hohne, watching sparks flying from the batterys under the ready rounds bin, and our Sgt going, there will be some pretty colours when we blow up. !!!??
  14. Will always remember a time in BATUS when i had a dreaded wet bag charge. We went through the normal safety drills and then opened the breach to find a soggy mass so I told the loader to leave the breach open and then we withdrew with the remainder of the Sqn. As we where bumbling along the loader kept prodding me and telling me he needed to speak to me, being a tad pissed off with him about the wet bag charge I ignored him. This was until he became very agitated at which point i decided to talk to him, he was white and pointing at the breach, the bag charge was making little smoke signals telling me that the dam thing was still burning. Next order of the day "CLOSE THE FCKUCKING BREACH AND FULLY ELEVATE". At this point I contacted the safety staff and informed them of our little problem, the reply was "drive 1 km to the north, point your barrel to the west and await further instructions". This we did and waited, and waited, and waited. As we where now in front of the battle group the whole exercise had to be put on hold and I could see every gun travers onto me to see if I was going to blow up, nice to know I gave them some amusement. Then this saftey satf L/R pulled up and the instructor climbed onto the turret to ask "is anyone on this crew a gunnery instructor" at which point my loader, the guy that loaded this dam thing jumped up pointed his finger at me and said "HE IS" the twat. The safety staff then said we all had to get out and walk at least 100 mtrs away, when i tried to get out i was politly informed that i was going to assist in the rebirth of this fckucking bag charge. The safety staff the proceed to open the breach, bag charge still making smoke signals like the red faces at the little big horn, he then rammed his hand into the bag charge to try and dislodge it but not being able to do so informed me to help by ramming my hand in as well. Just remember this bloody thing was still burning, so i did as instructed and helped him get the charge out, even as we pulled it from the breach you could see it burning. Job done, underpants changed we carried on the war and my loader chuckled to himself for the remainder of the exercise, cheers Jo* Jo**an you twat. One last point, this twat became a schools instructor.
  15. Or the time when i was a gunnery instructor at JLR RAC on the ranges with the old 76mm. When you have trained these cnuts you dont think you have to check on everything they do, OH SOOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG. Got the gunner in, told him we would start on GPMG, found a target, "COAX TRAVERS LEFT ON" and all that crap, when i ordered fire he could not understand why he could not see his tracer. I fckucking could, the twat had forgoten to put the front mounting pin in and the GPMG had come flying back into the turret to pin me against the back wall at the same time the front of the GPMG was waving around because the stupid twat still had his finger on the trigger. The only thing that saved me was Rolly Rowland (RIP) was in the turret and spotted what was happening so proceeded to lift the gunner out of the turret by his nose. Still got the scars from that one.