Sorry TURP, but, and I quote:

Well thats me away for the weekend, have a good one everybody, see you on monday.

Happy hunting Gunny

Myself and others missed you. Be grateful. Be VERY grateful. We l i k e y o u .
Letterwritingman said:
Now c'mon BG you were as frantic as anyone....i can almost see your cuticles become more apparent as your pink varnished dayglo nails disappeared over the last 48 hrs :oops:

Me? Frantic?

I'm as cool as a cucumber,..... I don't do 'frantic'! :wink:
i am grateful and ill never leave again
BriteGirlie said:
TURP's, I didn't even notice you were gone! :roll:
yeah you did :wink: :wink:
Well Gunny you made her second choice to TURP....and she's a femme so what do you expect........unlike TURP who's all man (apparently) as one of my friends say's Mann unter Maan das ist lieber!!! 8O

(edited due to a missed disclaimer)
hey im a great looking guy!! :wink:
ah but you love it really!!
I think wed all like to hear that!! :D
grand job ill take my ticket and wait to be called :D
BriteGirlie said:
Get in the queue, Jash!!!!

TURP'S first,..........

....I'm second! :(

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