TURP e-mail makes Sky News

"We're not worthy, we're not worthy"

Well done TURP. But seriously, I'm sick to the back teeth of hearing about Di's 'terrible life'. To think of millions she amassed, waited on hand and foot, chauffeurs, loads of friends, banquets, butlers, travelling the world, many holidays, 1000's spent on dresses, etc, etc. Yeap, she had a terrible life.
Fame at last! Can I have your autograph? Seriously though, I agree with every word that you wrote. Good post :!:


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Pulitzer Prize for TURP.

Perhaps now he can send in one about his favourite football team and their excursion on the front pages. Are the Boxheads lying tarts or is half the Leicester team going on the sex offenders list? :wink:
tiamaria_67 said:
That cant be you Turp !! -

it doesnt mention soapy t1t w*nks :twisted: :lol:
my next one will :wink:
could i autograph your ample bossom?


TURP quality effort. I heard the tapes last night - yep she did get a bit of an arrse deal but was a bitter screwed up mess. These things should be long burnt and she should be allowed to RIP and Charles left alone.
They didn't post Flashes, thankfully I have a copy.

Nevermind the tapes, lets not forget Diana she was so beautiful, I always tried to dress up like her when I was going through a very dark part of my life.

I enjoyed reenacting her wedding but did it slightly different, it involved getting gang bummed by the alter boys while holding the vicar in my gob

If anyone knows where I can get her old clothing, as I am also tall and skinny with tiny tits, can someone let me know.

Many of the viewers may know me, I was the one bollocky in a welders mask shouting 'Slag' at the queen mums funeral.


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Well done, Turp.

I am also heartily sick of the press lead beatification of St. Diana of Nightsbridge.

I wish my miserable life involved dealing with that level of money and priviledge.

Marry a Royal....play the game or pay the price.
Turp good one!
Some of us know you needed to share the limelight of publicity with current affairs of the "badge" didnt you :wink:

Dont worry bout Brite Girlie, she's still on meds....... these feelings will pass....:lol:
so do I Q but the women in question were alledgedly german according to the reports I read...... regardless of orginally alleged race or skin colour........
towels on chairs job and a bit of pocket money making.... I think :roll: If it was Man Utd they could have claimed a bit more in courts couldnt they??
BriteGirlie said:
gado_linium said:
BriteGirlie said:

TURP,...... you're my hero! :roll:
Why? Sad girl very sad!

'Scuse me,....... when I require your input,....... I'll throw you a banana!
Gado if u keep it up u'll be as popular as me, now if u want to play the nasty pants with the boys do.....
But stay away from the girls, we've been told what ur hiding under your dress, and we don't want to have to rip it off....
there's a good thing , now go away and play with the buses....

Turp, well done, well said, and well.... well yeah!

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