Turning PC full circle

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Fugly, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I am aware of an individual who is being a complete pain, and using his ethnicity to full advantage.

    Long story short: Every single time this individual is gripped, he claims racism. Kit not ironed? Rascism. Walking across the grass? Racism. Failure to attend duty? (Even though the rest of the guard force turned up?). Racism.

    A very well respected SNCO has filed a complaint against this person, in that HE (the fcukwit in question) is racist towards whites/caucasians/etc. The immediate result of which was that said SNCO was before the CO before he could draw his next breath.

    When, WHEN, can we get this PC b0llocks out the army, and treat soldiers as SOLDIERS.

    I will treat every bloke the same, but i find myself forced into predjudice nowadays, because the ethnics joining are determined to milk the system and dont give a fcuk about the values of the army, and often use their ethnicity to get away with everything, because DS are too scared to punish them, in fear of PC prosecution.

    No link, just personal opinion.
  2. The fact that you have tarred a lot of people with one brush, because of the actions of just one individual, highlights a basic problem that some people haven't managed to overcome yet.

    In a very basic attempt to add some balance to this ill thought out post. I know a lot of soldiers from the ethnic minority community and I have NEVER known one of them to "pull the racism card".
  3. They don't have to... the system does it for them. Just try getting the EOIT to follow up a complaint if you're white.. it doesn't happen. EO is a very one way street I'm afraid. It isn't about equality, it's about lowering standards hence the CO's reaction to a SNCO trying to grip a bad soldier.
  4. floppyjocky, totaly agree, some of the hardest working individauls I have had working with me were Foreign Commonwealth Soldiers, and, no, they never once mentioned race in any context. Like any walk of life you get some bad and some good, you can't steriotype an entire group over the actions of a minority of said group, that's racism.
  5. The noun racism has 2 meanings:
    Meaning #1: the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races
    Meaning #2: discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race
    Synonyms: racialism, racial discrimination

    Individual, structural, and ideological racism

    Racism may be divided in three major subcategories: individual racism, structural racism, and ideological racism. Examples of individual racism include an employer not hiring a person, failing to promote or giving harsher duties or imposing harsher working conditions, or firing, someone, in whole or in part due to his race.

    Reverse racism

    Reverse racism is a controversial term used to describe attitudes, behaviors, and policies which are racially discriminatory in a manner which is contrary (reverse) to a historical pattern of racial discrimination. Usually a historically sociopolitically nondominant race is perceived to benefit at the expense of a historically sociopolitically dominant race.
    Reverse racism is typically used to describe discrimination by a minority race. An alleged example is supremacism and separatism by a minority race against the majority in the United States (which has a history of institutional racism by the majority, including slavery).

    Affirmative action (sometimes called positive discrimination outside the U.S.) is a government policy or a program of giving preferences to members of particular social groups, including races. Opponents contend that such preferential treatment by the government is a form of institutionalized reverse racism which unfairly discriminates against individuals by racial category. Proponents contend that such preferential treatment promotes racial integration and economic equality of groups which have been affected by racism.


    Whilst I have never come across anyone in the forces pulling the "card" other than a caucasion, I have seen this in Civi street on a number of occasions.

  6. Good grief, let not PC cloud reality, fact is there are minorities who play the race card to get out of doing things, escape discipline, gain unmerited promotion, etc. Everyone must be held to the same standards, commanders must have the moral courage not to succumb to PC blackmail and to have the integrity to remain impartial. Far as I'm aware PC does not supersede the Army Act!
  7. But if you are strapped for manpower and the CO is locked into playing the "numbers game", every soldier counts, no matter what thier ability.
  8. I had a lad on one of my previous ships a couple of years ago who was from the West Indies. He was a fcuking nightmare-complete scran bag-kit musters etc wouldn't sort him out.

    Anyways, it came to cleaning the mess for rounds and it took 5 Leading Hands (Cpls) to tell him to do his job. He did it after he realised we would make his life fcuking hell for the rest of the deployment but only after he tried going to the RN Service Police complaining of racist behaviour against him. Quite rightly so, they told him to fook off and gave him a kit muster for his troubles.
  9. I was chatting to a friend the other day and realised that some of the things that i was saying were, in my eyes, leaning to the right!!!

    I am not a racist, but I do feel that all this over ramphant PC stuff is making me question where i stand, on the Left, Right or Middle question!
  10. Seen this on many occasion unfortunately. It is one of the reasons I'm leaving. they're willing to buck the system but when you go and try to pull them back inline, they pull that racism card.

    However on the flip side, i've also seen some of the best workers going from all over the common wealth, and to those that do get on with the job in hand and get it cracked, i've got mountains of respect for.
  11. I left in 1996 after my 22...and in all that time I never really came across any racism....didn't see it from the lads (mainly white) and didn't hear any complaints from any ehtnic guys (mainly of Pakistani/Bangladeshi origin).

    Actually, sitting in a regimental do at South Cerney a few years ago, a comedian started to pick on one of the guys - giving a real Bernard Manning type of affair with a lot of racist jokes clearly aimed at one of the regiment, who was a well-respected member of the regimental community, and is now, I understand, a well-respected officer.

    The guy concerned never said a dicky bird. Not a peep. But it dawned on this pillock of a comedian that no-one was laughing, and many angry white faces were looking at him in the most threatening manner.

    My point? If the guy is a reliable member of the regiment, and doesn't come up with any PC crap, most times he'll be well looked after by his colleagues and comrades.
  12. To True :!:
  13. Hmmmmmmm very PC

    If a bloke is rubbish or has poor ability he should be assisted to become better and become a useful member of the unit, however, if he persists in being rubbish he should be discharged, simple

    persists is the key word in that statement, thats where AGAI 67 can back you when you need to prove a bloke is a loser. AGAI can help remove the racism angle used by some slovenly soldiers
  14. I must admit that when I think about it im not sure if im on the right or left being a fat geordie (hey you are what you are :D :wink: ) this racism thing is often hard to prove :x . Up north as a child we had two black kids one boy one girl and both adopted if I remember, who were simply known as the darkies we were not being nasty it was a case of you are what you are. If I go to the chinese take away im actually going to the chinkies and if im going to the corner shop im actually going to the pakis, again i must stress i dont mean this in any way shape or form as nasty comment. :)
    So are we actually racist or am I just naive to how I behave to the ethnic minoritys. :?
    Something else you'll find, most times (Not all floppy) that the ones who play the racist card are actually BRITISH :x :x
  15. Had a bloke just recently left our department (frog marched out the gate by the boss to make sure he left) who continually played the racism card. He was done for theft on countless occasions, girlfriend burned all his kit and spent all his money (apparrantly), a total admin cluster. Attended his final OC's interview without a cap badge in his beret (or a poppy, for that matter). After hundreds of admin hours being wasted on this scum we finally got shot of him, but he's now doing this at another unit. I realise the minority will always paint a negative image of the majority, but the deeper I look the more it seems to be happening. I appreciate the author's meaning behind the post, it's only rather unfortunate that by venting his frustration so abruptly he has skewed the sincerity of his message somewhat. It IS a problem in the army, regardless of how anyone attempts to paint the picture. Of course, how we respond to each case will undoubtedly affect the length of time a repeat offender has to serve, or hopefully help to rehabilitate those who stray from the path a little.

    What I'm trying to say is, there is always a correct way to deal with any given situation such as the one spoken of here. The problem is that we shouldn't have to deal with a situation like this in the first place.