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I don't know if this is just happening to me, but periodically - and more and more often - part of my screen on this site appears in pictographs. I'm assuming these are Japanese, since they don't resemble the few Chinese symbols I know.

I appreciate that my laptop is Japanese, but since nothing anywhere else on 'tweb changes language style ( other than gibberish) I wondered if there may be a glitch.

I would include a screen shot but being old and dead for some time I don't know how to do that. However, the odd language appears directly beneath the forum title at top of page, and on right hand side where 'top topics' appear. Not always, but often enough to be confusing.

Anyone any ideas?

Oh, incidentally, it doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the site. If that is the word I'm looking for. Actually, if it converted the squabbling between seagulls and others into Japanese, or Hindu or bloody Klingon then I would welcome it!


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I defer to your expertise on onanistic matters.
これは私だけに起こっているかどうかは知りませんが、定期的に - と、ますます頻繁に - このサイトで私の画面の一部が絵文字で表示されます。彼らは私が知っているいくつかの中国の記号を似ていないので、私は、これらが日本人であると仮定している。

私は私のラップトップが日本人であることを理解するが、グリッチがあるかもしれない場合は、 'twebの変更言語スタイル(ちんぷんかんぷん以外)上の任意の場所に何もないので、私は疑問に思いました。



Your spelling and grammar are shit.
Your computer might have been made in Japan, but it's zillion to one chance that you actually have a Japanese computer. I lived and worked there for over seven years, and recently retired, and can tell you that Japanese computers and 'western' computers work on an entirely different operating system. In the entire metro-Tokyo region there were only three places where you could buy or rent a Western-style pc or laptop.

The OS in a western computer does not use 'fuzzy logic' like the Japanese one does - a kind of built-in predictive text used to determine the correct character when converting Romanised Japanese, known as Romanji - into the three commonly-used written forms of the Japanese language.

My laptop is Japanese because I still use it to write to my former colleagues, so was my desktop computer, hence my inability to use emoticons for the longest time back here in Yoorup, or to see yours, or anybody elses. The Japanese OS does not support them are they take the form of an unrecognisable graphic with no Japanese language analog to convert.

My opinion is that YOUR computer is ****ed.


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