turning in their graves

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nodigitsever, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. all those brave souls who in two world wars gave their lives for our freedoms

    well, all those freedoms are now lost so they must be spinning in their graves don't you think?

    what a complete waste of Human Life
  2. You would be referring to tomorrows coronation?

    "Democracy? Pah! That's like SO middle eastern."
  3. I can see where he's coming from.

    Pandering to minorities, apologising for our victories, putting offenders before victims, marginalising the military, selling our souls to the EU...

    I wonder if the outcome ot WW2 would have been different if those brave soldiers knew that fifty years down the line, the "Labour" Government would have sold the entire nation downriver, "god" would have no place in our lives [i'm not religious by the way, but those guys were], there would be nothing "united" about our kingdom, and foreign forces would have taken over using Democracy - the very means we use to ensure our freedom, as weapons against us.


    I've never voted new labour in my life, and I promise you, that won't change, come the next elections.
  4. Agree 100 percent, this government is apologetic about every past victory, especially concerning the dirty word 'empire'. It seems to be a dirty little secret to be patriotic nowadays. Slightly off topic but immigration officers will soon have to wear 'pastel' colours as to not 'frighten' illegal immigrants who are to be deported!! Makes me mad...
  5. Make 'em wear clown suits, red afro, face paint et all -

  6. Eh? :? :? :?
  7. So if Hitler had won, where would be now??

    Our country has had the freedom of choise from when?? Can anybody tell me?? Always!! Those precious peaple who gave thier lives for thier country did not give it in vien!!

    Our Brave Fathers and Grandfathers fought for what was right at the time, times change, get over it, WE are not the great Empire our ancestors (and thats what they are) had in mind.

    We are also not the country who stabs each other in the back!!! or so I thought!!!

    Every serviceperson who has never voted through the years take a bite, because in doing that automatically gives your vote to the party in POWER at the time.....

  8. Well you only have to look at the EU conference the other week where the nasty polish heaven forbid mentioned the fact that they should have a bigger vote because ze germans wiped out loads of their population in WWII, and why fcuking not it was only 60 odd years ago not as if it was eons ago. I would be p1ssed as well. But no we have to pander to the germans and the cheese eating surrender monkeys. I know the french had a sh1tty time of it in part, but most of them were content to live under the jackboot, it was only a minority that were in the resistance, then they started joining in droves when we invaded normandy and it looked like we were going to win, bet they would be singing a different song if they had been fcuked over like the polish instead of licking the german arses like the dirty greasebags they are, lets face it no fcuker likes the french even the canadians hate the canadian french!!
  9. 1. I'm not a serviceperson. Yet.

    2. I vote each election. I said I'd never voted Labour, not that I'd never voted.

    And democracy isn't a wonderful thing, because the people making the choices - which is not the same thing as registering the votes - come now from overseas, minorities and groups with vested interests.
  10. Think of it this way....YOU GET THE GOVERMENT YOU DESERVE!

    You believe the lies...you takes your chances!!!!!

    Roll on the revolution!!!!!!!

    ( can we go back to being ruled by the monarchy....PLEASE!)
  11. Er...
    *raises hand*
    Scuse me, I did Not believe "the lies", just so you know!
    Another case of us/me being dragged along by popular opinion, sadly...

    I voted "no" but five hundred pricks voted "yes" so it kinda really didn't work out 8O .

    That whole post sounds so much better, read in a Richard Dean Anderson voice :p .
  12. Slightly off topic, but I can't help but wonder.

    Nodigitsever, do you type with your nose?
  13. Why???
  14. Datumhead has a good point, rule by Monarchy. Anyone who has visited Monaco will know what I mean.
  15. The way this country is being ruled at the moment is not working! So I am more than happy to see whatelse is out there. But the problem is the ones who back our current people shout louder, even if there is more who oppose it, there aint enough piping up.