turning down a rank

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sleeper, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. hi does any body know what is the easiest way to turn down a rank and what are the penalties, im a full screw in the reme and very dissalusioned at the moment with work load and paper trail audits and i like the shop floor with out the bull siht this meens a lot to me as im pretty threaders at the moment with it all and dont think i can manage another rank and the responsibilities that go with it cheers
  2. sign off then.
  3. Are you serious?

    Not sure you are, but my advice would be to take the promotion, more money for you, see.

    Then, while banking this extra money for a while, just carry on performing as a full screw. Eventually, you will probably get demoted, however, it may take a while, so you might as well make a bit extra for a bit.
  4. Are you likely to promote - if you are not coping too well at present I doubt that you will get a CR that justifies it. Can I suggest you speak to your boss adn get the root of why you are struggling. yo may find the help you need to move on and then get recommended.
  5. Is there a possibility that this may be a Wah?
  6. I can see where sleeper is coming from. Many guys enjoy working on the shop floor and dont want to end up behind a desk.
    I know i certainly enjoyed work more when i was hands on the equipment sometimes Emails and paperwork can be too much.
    Not sure what problems would arrise from you declining promotion. Wouldn't think it would be a problem as i am sure there is plenty of others willing to take your place.
    Well done for realising that job satisfaction can be worth more than a few extra quid a day.
  7. Its not just the few extra quid a day though is it. Its the pension for starters. There is no way on gods earth that if you promote, you should turn it down.
  8. I know someone in the RAF who did it. He was sent to see a psychologist to check out if he was thinking straight! By all accounts it caused a right storm at his work.
  9. If you're serious about this, it isn't a decision you should make lightly or without taking advice, but I applaud your asking the question.

    My understanding is that you can request, in writing, not to be considered for promotion and subsequently rescind this request, in writing, later. Can anyone confirm this information is extant? You need to be absolutely certain on the whole process first.

    Think seriously about it and take advice only from authoritative sources. The penalties could be more severe than you think. Keep any information you are given in written format.

    Good luck with making your decision.
  10. I do remember a talented soldier from my own regiment who turned down promotion on several occasions for much the same reason.

    He was compulsorily manning controlled at his 12 year point by Infantry Manning and Records and there was not a dammed thing our Commanding Officer could do about it!
  11. You are now stopping somebody else being promoted who would possibly like to get into the Sgts Mess.

  12. What does that mean? He was given a brown envelope or promoted regardless.

    SK :?
  13. It means SKJOLD that his services were no longer required
  14. Cpl & WO2 were the best ranks, Sgt was bloody awful!
  15. cheers for the good and not so good advice im well over my twelve year point and job satisfaction is my main point of view im sorry but the way i see things that reme is slowly but surely folding under the work load and extra paper work and nothing is going to get any better but heh hoe theres always off shore work