Turning a blackberry into a computer modem?


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Any ideas on how to do it? I mean using a 9000 Curve as an internet gateway for a netbook when you have no other internet connection.

Is there a program that simplifies the process? All I can find is complicated instructions about gateways/sockets and bandwidths :S

With the Nokia E71 you could do it with the bundled software, but for some reason it seems to be more complicated with crackberrys.
Get a bluetooth dongle for the laptop and link the BB to it. During the pairing process your BB will tell you that your laptop is requesting to use your BB as a modem. Permit.

Add a dial up networking connection, choosing the standard modem over bluetooth link.

Go to the BlackBerry RIM website and look up Tethered Modem for your model of phone. The instructions are all there and unlike alot of shite sites I have never had a problem with instructions from RIM.
It is not as plug and play as Nokia are but works. Watch out on your data costs as a lot of networks charge a different tariff for tethered modem use as opposed to direct web browsing from the phones browser. They may or may not include this as your inclusive minutes/data allowance.

CDMA Phone:

or GPRS Edge or UMTS Phone:
Yeah check you plan details. One option dependant on location and who provides your home broadband is BT Fon.
500 minutes per month in BT Openzone (or hanging of someone elses hub). But like I say is very much location and home provider dependant.
Just updated my BlackBerry Desktop Manager and there is now a built in wizard to do just this.

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