turning 40

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by daleRoch, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. Just turned 40, last week, don't really care what the kids do anymore, started reading BOOKS and am learning the Guitar. Is this a mid life crisis or do I just not give a fcuk anymore
  2. Prove that you've still "got it" by frequenting school discos and youth clubs, trapping a 15 year old and nailing her behind a nearby back shed. If she struggles don't worry, you're 40 so should be able to overpower and kill her.

  3. :lol: fcuking great
  4. Turning 40 next year and i'm fcuking concerned just a little..!

    Mind you, i'm having a mid-life crisis methinks. I've just gone out and done my bike test through Direct Access.Something i awlways wanted to do. And am now looking for a bike that may resemble something out of mad-max! 8) Then again, a Suzuki (Arrse)Bandit600 will do.Anyone selling??

    Just back from a piss-up in Belfast with the lads. Went to a proper club. And fooking hated it!! 8O

    Help, am i loosing it? :x

    And NO, i'm not fcuking gay! Thank sweet baby Jesus that that's not something i want to try out :evil:

  5. Will be reaching the big 40 in a few years and maybe getting a few nose hairs and a bit of a beer gut ( losing it whilst on tour) but theres still plenty of these young scrotes behind me on a run.
  6. And NO, i'm not fcuking gay! Thank sweet baby Jesus that that's not something i want to try out :evil:

    Don't feel guilty..its 'jus' denial...society is truly tolerant...as a closet 'n**ce you too have a place in the pecking(sic) order of life
  7. Come on matey thats just the dark blue in you trying to reach your feminine side :p :p Just do like i did and get a lass that takes it up the ricker :) after a bit of CP


    Had my midlife motorbike crisis when I was 50.
  9. Am 40 in June. My OH has decided that to celebrate she is doing a BBQ at her parents - woo hoo

    I wanted to do a parachute jump for charity - any ideas of local places in Wiltshire where I could look into this and would anyone be prepared to sponsor this civie nut job if I can arrange it ???
  10. Just think, half way through life, only another 40 til you're dead. Why is it when you pass 40 life speeds up, I'm sure it was only last week that I was 41!

    Depressed me, no...just too much red wine...again, makes me forget I'm 42 :cry:

  11. http://www.thefreefallexperience.co.uk/html/charity.html

    Located in Swansea and Redlands.
  12. right, June 29th, i shall be 40, don't know how that sneaked up on me. Looking forward to myself and my midlife crisis getting ratted once again at Twickers on 3rd May (rumour has it that sometimes there is a game of rugger on)

    Now, plans are, no party, but me and the midlife crisis will be geting very drunk, so, any old jock guards out there? PM me, we may have a party going on.

    My 22 year point would have been next year, so that narrows you down,
  13. U bonny lad are deed. Bruce 43!