Turner prize winner(2007)-for queen and country.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by EAGLE1, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. I have Just heard that an artist called Steve Mqueen has won the turner prize for his painting of a fallen British soldier in Iraq. The painting is called 'For queen And country'. I heard that the MOD tried to prevent it's release. Has anyone got any links as I have only just heard a brief story. I heard that the picture was of an actual incident and the soldiers family had sanctioned the painting.

    I hope it has been well presented.
    Has anyone any links to the picture please.
    Thanks.(I am writing this after just doing two hours of text-so sorry if mistakes in spelling etc).
  2. Impossible, I'm sure they've not even finished nominating yet.

    Interested to see what it'll look like, though.
  3. After a brief search...I am bored....I can only find the latest winner (dated Dec 06) was a lady named Gemma Abts for a painting that was definately not of troops in sandy places...'German-born Tomma Abts (now residing in Scotland), who paints abstract canvases exactly 48cm by 38cm wide, was honoured with the £25,000 Turner Prize.'
  4. Eagle, I wonder if you might have been given slightly duff info?

    Steve McQueen (the one you're talking about, not the man who never made it over the fence into Switzerland despite trying every Christmas for fifteen years) won the Turner Prize in 1999. (He prevented Tracy Emin's bed from winning)

    He's now - as you say - done the 'Queen and Country' exhibition at the behest of the IWM.

    I wonder if your informant managed to conflate the two events into one - the Turner Prize seems to be awarded at the end of the year, rather than in Feburary.

    A couple of links:


  5. Jon thats the one, was a piece in the manchester evening news last night about it, opens tomorrow so will go and have a visit.
  6. I did say that I may have got the information slightly wrong as I heard it at 01:00 hrs-ish. It sounded interesting though and I was under the impression from the brief report that he had also done a painting. It does look as though he has taken some photographs and presented them in a somewhat controversial way. Using the Queen and country heading to portray fallen soldiers.

    I was also under the impression from the report that the mod had tried to prevent their release as the subject matter was too emotive. I would like to see them-so if anyone gets a copy of the pictures please post the link.