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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dan1vikings08, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. Just recieved a letter from Recruiting HQ staiting that my application has not been accepted. This has caused me a whole list of problems as i have started my app way back in october last year. My job was in the balance as was my house, anyhow i stupidly knocked my job on the head to pursue an Army career once again.

    Anyway enough from me, I have previously been a naughty boy and am now stuck with 3 criminal convictions to my name, all of which for brawling whilst drunk, some of which was my fault others i like to think where not. These occurences were of almost 4 years ago and would like to somewhat think i have grown up cosiderably from then, all of which i told my recruiter.

    My Afco have told me i can wait until next year until one of these convivtions is spent, thus greatly improving my chance of being accepted or to "join the TA" as he put it.

    So..... what to do? How to do? If theres a higher chance of me being aceppted from joining the Ta then im all for it. Surely tho there standards ar the same as the regular Army( My recruiter did not say)

    As you can see this puts me in a right spot.

    Ta very much.
  2. Yep, go to the local TA centre and join. That's what I had to do before being accepted into the regular army.
  3. I may be off the mark but it isnt beyond the realms of probability that if you stick your hand up for a tour, chances are you may get the chance to stay on with your unit.
    Ive been offered the chance on each reserve tour I have done, may have changed, who knows but I know of at least one lad who has been especially naughty since getting out but is 2 years into a re-enlistment, ring up to get the info on your reserve liability and what opportunitys they can afford you by way of a tour. Seems like a logical first step plus if successful you are back in at the deep end and will go some way to saving some pennies.
  4. will do, ta
  5. D1V08

    Sorry to hear about the knock back. You can try the TA but I'm not too sure if there is much difference between getting security clearance / convictions policy theses day.

    I would phone or pay a visit to the unit you want to join first to avoid any long wait followed by a sorry no thanks!
  6. Yep, I must add I joined in 1986. With the way things are these days it's probably harder to join now.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Go and speak to your local TA unit, but I suspect you will find the requirements for unspent convictions are the same.

  8. Worth a try i guess buddy. I know when i left the TA that they were getting quite strict on criminal convictions. But if ya recruiter suggested the TA maybe ya have a chance. Good Luck
  9. Is it me or does anyone else get a little miffed at the view that TA accept anyone the army doesn't want! TA may stand by the army's decision to wait until your convictions have been spent, regardless of who's fault they were.
  10. I dont, I think there is no better place to stick our detritus and ne'er do wells. Your organisation is also a suitable dumping ground for our substandard kit, less than roadworthy vehicles and you rightly deserve pride of place in host unit's honking transit accomodations.... :D
  11. Better yet, change the recruiting posters to- join the ta, learn lots of new languages to help understand what recruits are saying when coming to join for a visa...
    Nothing wrong with transit blocks :)

  12. Evidently not, if your idea of romance is being smashed all over a bunkbed in a moss infested portacabin !
  13. re-enlistements & FTRS are being scaled down as regular manning improves, also only the brightest and best will be recruited in the future....at leats that's the theory!
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

  15. msr

    msr LE

    Have you a reference for this?