Turned down for TA, try again?


Hi everyone. I applied for the RMP TA about two years ago. Three of us attended an open day in Scotland (I'm from N. Ireland) where we were interviewed by the OC, did the written test, had a medical and completed the SC forms. A couple of months later I was invited for attestation but two weeks before I was due to attend I phoned up and was told that because I had been given a 'bad reference' by someone they could not take me.

They would not tell me who the reference was from but I assume it was one of my personal references I had put down on the form, unfortunately I just though I was attending an open day and had no idea I would be filling in the forms so had to use two reference I had used in the past and whom I knew the address of off the top of my head.
One of the references was the brother of a female friend that I had not spoken too in a couple of months so assume he / she gave me a bad write up out of spite! I did try to appeal and sent them half a dozed written references from previous employers (I had never had a bad reference in my life) but never heard from them again.

My question is, can I reapply to the same or a different unit? Will they look at my past application and references or give me they same chance as before?

Thanks for your help.


Well as I said, I filled out the forms on the day and I had used him on several other employment applications as he is an ex copper. Didn't know any other address off the top of my head and never though he would give me a bad reference, not even sure it was him but they will not tell me.
Most TA units cant remember what happened/decided two weeks ago let alone 2 years!!
As long as it wasn't for security reasons give it another go whats the worst that could happen??? Make sure you have some good reference contacts lined up
good luck
Try again ? Yes totally

Try the same unit ? No, not becuase they won't want you but becuase they couldn't be arrsed to review your situation in the first place, ask yourself whether you want to work with a unit with that ethos, my advice, find another unit and give them the single diget
yes i would try again but maybe a diffrent t.a centre armed with fresh referances. same thing happened to a friend of mine who got a referance off his employer of all people. he never gave up and just tryed again. good luck. some one will take you theyre crying out for bods.


Thought you couldn't give a bad reference these days.

I know you can get a decidedly luke-warm one, but didn't know it could be bad enough to stop re-employment. Fire bomb him


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Phillip-Kotler said:
Thought you couldn't give a bad reference these days.

I know you can get a decidedly luke-warm one, but didn't know it could be bad enough to stop re-employment. Fire bomb him

Who says you can't give a bad reference? That only applies on the 'special wording' of CR's surely, as there is nothing to stop a civvy typing any old horsesh1t and sending it back.
Um.... MP?

Bad reference..?

Is it me?


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Sounds like a load of bollocks to be honest, i just find it strange that they were all set to attest you and then pulled the plug by using the bad reference line, in the regular recruiting offices when confronted by a bad reference we simply ask the applicant to get another from a different person so we can see if there is a massive difference, the reference as far as Police goes certainly isnt relied upon for Regular recruiting so i fail to see why it would be for TA, given that your criminal record check and also SC clearance is normally good enough :)

However, 'The Army reserves the right to refuse your application of service without having to give the reason why' seems to have been used here i reckon, and rather than just say sorry your name isnt on the list, you cant come in, they have probably cast doubt over your reference as a get out of jail free card ;) :D

As for applying again, the TA use TRHJ and anything on your application if it has been logged will get thrown up when you get entered again at another centre or office anywhere in the UK, so if you have been rejected, their should be a record of it on your electronic record ;)

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