turned away for allergies

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by neilf49, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. so someone i know says they got turned away from the army (para's more specifically) because of some sort of food allergy, can this happen? or was he full of s**t and thought he'd make some sort of b*llsh*t excuse to get out off telling everyone that he was w*nk and not good enough? just curious
  2. Immune system disorders
    3.13.17. Anaphylaxis refers to a severe allergic reaction in which prominent dermal
    and systemic signs and symptoms manifest. The full-blown syndrome includes urticaria
    and/or angioedema with hypotension and bronchospasm. There is a broad differential
    diagnosis for such reactions and the clinical history remains all important with the speed of
    onset being the critical determinant. The nature of military catering is such that it is not
    possible to guarantee an individual’s ability to self-police an allergy to food or food
    additives through labelling or identification of trigger constituents. A past history of such
    Type 1 (immediate IgE mediated reaction), regardless of trigger, is graded P8 unless there
    is irrefutable evidence that an individual is no longer sensitive
    9. This includes anaphylaxis
    to foods including fruits, food additives, natural rubber latex, venoms or stinging insects.
    The following points are to be considered in all cases:
    a. IgE levels should be interpreted with caution as they are not independent
    predictors of symptom severity. There are no tests with adequate sensitivity and
    specificity to indicate who might be at risk of a fatal reaction.
    b. It is not possible to predict the severity of subseque nt reactions based on
    previous history10.
    c. Egg allergy associated with anaphylaxis is specifically precluded, as it is a contraindication
    to yellow fever immunisation.
    d. Cross-reactivity often exists within groups of allergens (e.g. ground nuts and
    tree nuts).
    Advice in all cases of doubt should be sought from the single Service Occupational
    Physician responsible for the selection of recruits.

    stand down the walt finders, he could be telling the truth.

  3. thanks, i thought he was tellin truth cuz he was really fit and didn see any other reason why he'd be fckd off, and its not my place to say anythin any way, i was just curious since they can manage to do 'kin ration packs/meals for halal, kosher and vege, but they cant make exceptions for some allergies such as maybe egg or wheat? just seems unfair cuz those 'lot' choose to not eat pork or eat meat thats been killed the halal way and they accomodate, but he didnt choose this an he cant join :?

  4. yeh those f*ckers with their religions and beliefs...b*stards!!!!
  5. How much harder do you want to make my job, how can anyone in field conditions deliver specific rations to a specific Tom. Your "friend" would have to eat what arrived, what if he were invited to eat with locals, what if a stray bit of crap got in his mouth. Anaphylactic shock is a killer, that's why he was binned.
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