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Hi guys, Im looking for answers!Im an ex RLC chef, hated i.I discharged myself stupidly before Id got my first posting,Iv regretted it ever since.However, since then Iv trained an become level 1&2 qualified motor vehicle mechanic with the IMI. Re-joining insnt just a consideration anymore, its going to happen! Im looking at going through sandhurst and becomming an officer (obviously!). Im just looking for any stories, tips, ups or downs that I might encounter.Iv sadly NOT got A levels to get me straight in though, can anyone recommend any equivalents I can pick up easily to help me get in?

Go to the Officers Forum and look there. You will find much if not all what you require there.

To be an Officer in the REME you need a degree in an Electronic or Mechanical Engineering area. I know of people who have managed to get the Army to pay for them to do their degree whilst in the Army, due to only having A-Levels, however these were people who re-traded from Non-Commissioned rank in the REME. This however is rare what i have seen. I am not the guru on this subject so i may be wrong although i always thought the degree was a must to have. Hopefully someone else can fill some of the gaps that i can't.

I think your first port of call would be your local Army Careers Office and see what they have to say. They will be in a better position to advise you on the best way forward.

Good luck.
hey pie and chips, you seem like a good northern lad. get some gravy on you and join as a vm, if you have got some mech background it will hold you in good order. as for commision, get to careers office for advice. reme officers like theri eng degrees.

There's been some good advice so far. To be eligible to join the REME as an officer you must either have a degree, or be considered capable of gaining a degree, in a technical subject. Most hold engineering degrees, but there are plenty with maths, physics etc. Be aware that (the last time I checked) the minimum entry standard for Sandhurst is 2 A-Levels.

If you've enjoyed your VM-ing in Civvy Street, you'll probably get much more satisfaction joining up as a VM. Either way - go for it, and good luck pal.

If you want any more info, pm me.


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