Turks and Caicos Islands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lsquared, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. 'Clown' Brown or Mr Mandelson orders take over of a 'self-governing (not)' dependency annoying His Majesty Gordon the First.

    Are there no steps this awful man, these awful men (sorry Harlot - no women) will not take to spread the poison of his/their warped views of 'right and wrong' and political opportunism?
  2. In 'Clown' Brown's case: getting his own way.

    In Mr. Mandelson's case a chance to spin against the wickedness of capitalism.

    For both of these demons the opportunity to cast a 'smoke-screen' over their lies and deceptions was clearly not to be missed.

    Imagine if you will:

    France gets 'cross' with the Channel Islands and invades; or,

    Argentina dislikes the 'Bennies' and invades - you know where;

    the Canadians get fed up with St Pierre and Miquelon.

    Let us not start on the opportunities in the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea, Celebes Sea, Banda Sea, Coral Sea, Pacific Ocean.


    It is all a 'good idea' to show what a switched on 'toughie' 'Stalin' Brown is! - and deflect our image of the man as a politically failed, intellectually bankrupt 'oik' hopelessly out of his depth.
  3. Cracking spot - worked there for 6 months back in the mid-1990s.
    Great diving, but politically, even more corrupt than our shower!
  4. Where is the basis of your claim, Lsquared. Could you share it so that we might read it for ourselves.
  5. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

  6. Lived there too Schleswig - top spot!

    About to be wrecked by 'Brain-Dead - but I got a Nice Wife' Brown.

    Sorry 'whet/sven' - do not respond to an oxygen thief.
  7. I worked on GT, sampling fish and birds out on the various cays.... t'was a great time, drinking rum all night and diving/sampling all day (along with some mild poking of the researchers I was there to 'support').

    Not so keen on South Caicos - a proper rum spot that one! The place was fuelled by coke, and I don't mean the fizzy liquid :wink:
  8. reading the BBC report, sounds fair enough to me.
  9. Thanks Jonesy

  10. Gosh, who is it that has the tag again?
  11. What are you going on about? Nowhere has been invaded. Nowhere has been annexed. Your comparisons with the Channel Islands and the Falklands are irrelevant. We've suspended the local government of a tiny overseas territory which belongs to us anyway until they're able to sort themselves out. Hardly ranks as a grand political conspiracy, does it?

    Won't make a joke about the Outrage Bus...

    Won't make a joke about the Outrage Bus...
  12. Please explain how leaders selling state property to line their own pockets could, even on your planet, be viewed as anything but wrong?
  13. Hmm time to resurrect the old movement the islanders set up in the 1970’s

    Back then they didn’t like being ruled by Britain or as alternative Jamaica or probably anyone else and didn’t seem too interested to do it themselves. Having been there I can see why, much rather laze about enjoying the beaches, and great rum that be arsed to politic the day away.

    There was some popular movement to actually join or become a territory of Canada. Our beloved despotic dear leader at the time Trudeau wouldn’t entertain the idea and it dies off. Then of course the tourist and off shore banking industries didn’t exist as a source of revenue.

    I wonder if they’re still interested in becoming the 11th Province again. They do have an igloo on their coat of arms and flag.
  14. To: 'overpromoted' and 'parapuke' - mainly because I do not believe, or believe in, a single word or action that this disgraced and dishonest either says or does.

    Answer your expected queries?