Turks and Caicos Islands enquiry called for

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. BBC Report: Turks and Caicos Islands enquiry called for:

    Any guesses as to how many "UK" Companies the political situation in T & C could impact, if the basis of this article is right?

    More FCO headscratching and late nights then.
  2. was going to post that, but you have beaten me to it.

    Its a good thing that this is aired and action taken and possibly a timely warning to any thinking of Independence, of how quickly a stable government without any checks and balance can quickly revert to a banana Republic.

    British Governance whatever its faults is far far better than a Banana republic in the making, we have a duty to stamp this out, as long as these Island remain our responsibilty we have a duty to their well being.

    if these allegation are proven true that T & C Prime Minster and Governor is sacked and stripped of assets as a warning to others thinking of abusing their position.
  3. went to Grand Turk on an arduos military exercise in 1990... it was tough man, more so on the pocket. you need money to live in a place like that (its also very good for hiding money) so no shocker really. Why do we keep the islands anyway, they dont really contribute anything
  4. Source: LowTax.net

    I understand that TCI really is the "winter sunshine" destination of choice for many UK based CFO's. Now, why would that be?

    Source: Page 4.

    Go figure. :)
  5. So what chance the government ask an RN frigate to pay a goodwill visit in the next couple of weeks just to focus a few minds over there ?
  6. It is probably too late as British Governance oversaw the sale of Qinetic (?) and the buildings of the former Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise to the private sector.