Turkmenbashi Dead

Woodman said:
Also huge muslim population, could be very interesting to see who starts showing an interest in the country.

Population of Turkmenistan is only 6.2 mlns. but the country is very rich in oil and especially in gas. So Turkmenistan is interesting for many countries.


War Hero
Good riddance to the bastard. One of the most appalling lunatics to be in charge anywhere, even by Soviet standards. I can't wait to read the obit in the Economist.


Funny thing is there was an article in last weeks Sunday Times Mag about him.
Palaces of Ice, only live music, no gold teeth for women etc.

Still, it is often 'better the devil you know', look what Tony and George have done by meddling.
Don't forget the golden rotating statue of him. Good riddance to the b@stard

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