Turkmadistan..my kind of town...

Well I see President-for-life, Niyazov, has made another decree..

after banning opera and ballet as not being reflective of the Turkmeni culture, ordering all young men to have short hair and shave, decreed that gold tooth caps are " counter-cultural " and an excessive expression in time of restraint, has now ordered that lip-synching at concerts, on television, stage performances and at weddings is to be outlawed..[ Guess Ashlee Simpson won't be visiting the US air bases there anytime soon ]

According to the revered leader, lip-synching by fading, voiceless stars trying to match their past glory is ludricous and demeaning to their former stature..music in Turkmenistan should reflect the vibrant culture and promote a forward looking image not dwell on the past..

from now on, real music or jail..

apparently he is moving fast to make Turkmenistan a Chav-Free zone..

Now if I can only remember what day of the week is named after his mother..[- oh, yeah.. they all are..] I 'd write him a letter of congratulations and suggestions as to what else to ban [ tank tops on fat birds whose bellies hang over their hip hugging jeans, for instance ]
In the interests of fair play and just to show what all nutbars aren't from repressed former Soviet bloc dictatorships.. I give you the reasoned words of Pat Robertson, evangelist extraordinaire, who ' suggests' that the US sanction the assasination of President Chavez of Venezuela for being a leftist seeking to undermine US values.

He's right up there with Women on Pat's list of bad things in the world:

" The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practise witchcraft and become lesbians. "
Rocketeer said:
..............................................[ tank tops on fat birds whose bellies hang over their hip hugging jeans, for instance ]
Now now, Womens (womyn) groups world wide have worked hard to crush the damage from the 'Barbie doll" image, and give all fat women the courage to dress like that in public. :p
Indeed. How long until a Men's lib group starts campaigning to crush the damage to our eyes (and sanity) from having to see fat women dressed like Barbie dolls in public?

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