Turkish Warships to force Israeli blockade of Gaza!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. They will never leave port it's nonsense

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  2. Only in lefties fevered imaginings

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  3. The Turkish Army will slot their Islamic Government first

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  4. Only to assist Israel with the blockade

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  5. Yes they will sweep the Zionists from the sea!

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  6. This is the event that pushes Turkey from Nato

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  7. The Turkish Navy will escort a symbolic convoy close to Gaza

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  8. Israel your days are numbered!!!@!!?!!

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  1. or so an almost hysteric Jon Snow just claimed on Channel 4 news to a very bemused Israeli spokesman*

    Mr Snow said it more than once and seemed to be of the opinion that he was informed as to the intent of Turkey's military.

    Could the Turkish Navy be the deciding factor in the Gaza conflict or more to the point just how partizan and unobjective is UK reporting on this issue?

    * the poor sod has been on UK telly all day fielding inane anti Israel rubbish from media luuvies, he's been doing damned well bless him.
  2. Mr Snow just said sorry he got it wrong dohhhhh.
  3. Why would the Turks bother to do such a thing?
  4. LMAO! Okay, rhetoric aside... does anyone think the Turks would be so stupid as to seriously contemplate such a maneuver when they have their hands full with the Kurds at the moment?
  5. But could they win (if they thought it was in their interests)?

    Would NATO come to their aid if they got in a scrap with Israel?

    Now that no-one wants the Turks in the EU, Turkey has got to find friends somewhere. How better to win the leadership of the 'not entirely nutty' part of the Muslim Middle East, than by taking on the Israelis?
  6. There would be the Turkish navy at the bottom of the Med. The USA wouldn't let it happen, because

    a) It would raise the question of the Article 5, and the USA would never support an attack on Israel.

    b) Turkey needs NATO and there's no way that NATO would let itself become embroiled.

    Utter fantasy.
  7. Sixty

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    There was an addendum at the end of the Ch4 News in which Snow said that he'd been corrected and the Turkish Foreign Minister* never in fact said that they'd despatch a warship.

    On top of that, the Turkish Defence Minister* reiterated that they had no intention of doing so.

    *Governmental posts possibly reversed - I was making dinner at the time and only had it on in the background.
  8. Because Jon Snow and others in the C4 newsroom made it up, which raises the question about the shouty jew baiting that currently passes for journalism on most UK Broadcast media

    'We are all Hezbollah now' etc etc
  9. 1st... Nope... Turkish naval vessels are inferior to what Israel has and even more, to engage the Israelis they would have to operate within range of the IAF and out of the range of their own air support.

    2nd point. Not a chance in heck... NATO barely supports the low intensity mission in Afghanistan, let alone a major operation against someone who can really ruin their day.

    3rd issue... the Kurds would suddenly become equipped with modern IAI manufactured MANPADS and ATGMs which would have an immediate impact on Turkish operations.
  10. There exists a much simpler solution. Egypt can end (and has just ended) its blockade of Gaza.

    Our Israely friends are able to sink Turkish warships. Why not?

    And American warships could be fired (as it happened before).
  11. Turkish warships could not succeed without air defense in the form of a CAP. Turkey has no carriers and I can't think of a NATO member who would provide the air cover. Any navy without carriers has very limited power projection capabilities.

    Would the Israeli forces sink them. No question in my mind. Remember the Israeli attack on Liberty? Killed more sailors than the attack on Cole.
  12. But to answer your point 3; why worry about the Kurds getting more weapons? The Kurds will never force Ankara to surrender, and the Turks are looking for a leadership role in their region.
  13. There is a rather large carrier no more than 120 miles away, Turkish North Cyprus, no reason why air cover couldn't be adequately provided from there, however it is academic as this is not going to happen.
  14. What happens then when the said escorted convoy, gets into Israeli waters. Are Turkish vessels going to break a naval blockade?

    Tom Clancy shite.
  15. Kurds don't need to force anything on Ankara... they just need to be able to halt Turkish operations.

    I'm sure the Greeks would go along with having squadrons of Turkish military birds being stationed even closer to them... ;)