Turkish prosecutors seek to ban ruling party

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080314/wl_afp/turkeypoliticsreligion_080314190641;_ylt=AhZiBleHjJLC1vj7yF8nkx6QOrgF

    By the way, how would it look in the UK?
  2. Turkish military pulling the prosecutors strings?
  3. That was my first thought when I read it, in so far that it's right in there in the constitutional court.

    Sergey Dear Chap,

    How would what look like in the UK? A similar move or a foriegn policy opinion?
  4. Could apply to Russia as well.
  5. Turkey is majority Muslim, but they exhibit none of the characteristics you find in Muslim states elsewhere. This is enshrined in their constitution which protects their secular identity through the rights of the military to defend their nation.

    When the president came into power, he came through a hotbed of islamist fringe party activity, and his first move was to be photographed with his wife wearing a headscarve.

    He's entered into the arena making a motion which instantly cast tension and made him unpopular with the people who saw him into power, with a symbolic gesture that is neither a requirement of his religion or vestige of his state.

    Ever since day 1, Turkey has been protesting enmass and regretting this decision to allow him to slip through the net and into office. Muslims in Turkey know better than anyone else how to enjoy the harmony and freedom of not being labelled "Bad Muslims" by avoiding what is in all their neighbouring Muslim states often treated as a crime; often punished by mob persecution, torture or even in some unfortunate cases, death - the crime of showing your hair!

    They've been party to the age of enlightenment, this is a symbolic challenge to drag them back willingly back into the age of dark.

    For this reason alone, he should be shite canned for being a stirrer of the first degree.
  6. ...and to the USA by the way. However, there is a problem: what party is ruling one in the USA?

    The Democrats have clear majority in the Congress and Senate and but highly esteemed mr.Bush is a Republican. And what party have real power?

    In fact there is no ruling party in the USA but there is ruling elite that really owns and runs the country, no matter how the American would vote.

    The situation in Russia is absolutely the same. So called ruling party - 'United Russia' could be banned and likely nobody would mention it. 'United Russia' would be forgotten soon. Two previous editions of Russian 'ruling party' - 'Democratic Russia' and 'Our house is Russia' are now in political waste bin. But their members are still serving to real owners and rulers of Russia. Russia has own elite that using huge army of polit-technologists arranges 'democratic elections' with predictable results.

    And in the USA elections is no more than political circus.

    Sir, look at Russia and you would see mirrored image of political system in any Western country. Compare for example Russian and Japanese political landscape and try to find even one difference.

    Suppose, In-Limbo, that the House of Lords would try to ban the Labour party because of ... anti-British policy for example.

    I fancy, that many in the UK would support such a move and from legal point of view the Lords have this authority, or not?
  7. What, state prosecutors (possibly at the behest of the military) seeking to have Brown and the Cabinet banned from politics and the Labour Party shut down? Probably close to paradise. ;)
  8. Sergy
    I don't think the average Brit gives
    'A Monkeys Toss to a Flying FCUK' about Turkey. (Old English saying).
    Turkey is really a problem for the Mid Eastern world, much as Turkey would like to be a European State.
    No European state wants Turkey.
    OK they where admitted to NATO but only because they had a Tradition hatred of Russia, and a Friend in Need is a friend indeed.
    Vlad will continue Russia's tradition of trying to acquiring a warm water port on its southern flank hence you obsession with a cuntry most Brits couldn't care about.
  9. The UK have been fighting the corner on the issue and the Scandinavian countries plus the post 2004 EU members were mostly in favour last time I read anything about this so I think saying that no European country wants them is a little inaccurate. But yes there are member states such as France and Austria that are also very much against so I doubt it will happen in anything short of the very long term.
  10. My bold.

    Milliband wants them in. Sarkozy's talking about the whole of North Africa too. Not sure if letting other countries in has been switched to a majority vote in the Lisbon constitution or not?
  11. Didn't de Gaulle want some sort of Mediterranean union? I was the under the impression Sarkozy wasn't much of a Gaullist? or is he just promoting it to ensure France comes out on top of such a deal?
  12. He's suggested a Mediterranean Union made up surprisingly of states that border the Mediterranean but it's all very up in the air. The EU is a bit miffed though since they feel it would undermine their rather ineffectual Euromediterranean Partnership (also known as Barcelona Process) group, the Muslim states that don't already have relations with Israel don't like that they've been invited, the human rights groups point out that a number of the prospective countries involved have less than stellar records on the subject and there was also a general feeling in some of the Maghreb countries that it was France trying to carry on some of their past influence/colonial actions in the area. But other than that it's gone down a storm. ;)