Turkish prisoners made hole in cell produce third inmate

ISTANBUL (AFP) - Two Turkish prison inmates who drilled a nine-centimetre (3.6-inch) aperture between their cells enabling them to have sexual relations in prison that produced a child, received four-month sentences for damaging public property.

Convicted murderer Seylan Corduk, 40, and Kadriye Fikret Oget, 27, serving time for planting a bomb in a market, managed to drive the hole through their concrete communal cell wall, according to court records quoted by the newspapers Vatan et Hurriyet.

The guilty pair each originally received one-year sentences plus a 218-million-Turkish-lira fine (128 euros, 169 dollars).

But the court reduced the penalty to four months and 72 million lira "in view of the neglible nature of the damage caused."

What about the splinters? 8O
One has to wonder how thick was the wall...

given the distance between the cells, plus ' normal' length of certain 'aspects' of human anatomy [ male ] one must conclude that this was some ' modern' facility with pre-fab construction and not your typical Turkish jail with thick stone walls...

aw, the inventiveness of the human mind when the ' urge' is upon it...
Either paper thin walls or the chap could double up as a barrier on our front gate.

All a bit strange, I though been Turks he would have been inot "trap two" action. Bloody disgrace to his national stereotype.
Rocketeer said:
One has to wonder how thick was the wall....
Be a bit imaginative guys - been done before in one of the German terrorist groups locked up.
Guy chuffs on hanky and passes hanky to her.
Whole new meaning to being banged up?
The first time I saw Turkish troops was in Famagusta 72, two where strolling down the street holding hands, gave meaning to the work turk.
If they were across the corridor, what was the point in drilling a 9cm hole on the walls? Not too bright is johnnie foreigner. A bit of projectile boffing will do the trick, but i don't see the point. All the batter without the fish if you get my drift.

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