Turkish armed forces equipped by IAI and Elbit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Raven2008, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. In light of recent events, and speculations about if Turkey should even think of any action, can I draw attention to the following please :)

    In 1995, the Turkish government signed an agreement with IAI of Israel to update about 54 of Turkey's F-4Es. The update program included structural strengthening and an avionics improvement package similar to the Israeli Phantom 2000 configuration, but with some changes as per Turkish requirements, leading to the designation of "Phantom 2020". As with Israeli Phantom 2000s, Turkish Phantom 2020s have the ability to carry the big Popeye ASM, that weapon having been acquired by the Turks.

    Elbit Systems And IAI To Supply Turkey Combined Airborne Imagery Intelligence Systems

    Buildings in Tel Aviv as seen by the Elbit Systems airborne imaging system.
    by Staff Writers
    Haifa, Israel (SPX) Jan 02, 2009
    Elbit Systems Ltd. and Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI) announced today that their respective subsidiaries, Elbit Systems Electro-Optics Elop Ltd. (Elbit Systems Electro-Optics) and ELTA Systems Ltd. (ELTA) have been awarded a $141 million contract ($87 million awarded to Elbit Systems Electro-Optics and $54 million awarded to ELTA) to supply the Turkish Air Force with combined airborne IMINT (Imagery Intelligence) systems.

    etc etc

    I also think somewhere in the late 90s, didn't Elbit upgrade the targeting and FLIR systems on the Turkish Army Aviation AH-1P Cobras and AH-1W SuperCobras?

    Also there has been a recent muck up with the procurement of Heron UAV by the Turks.

  2. And where did the Turks get the Phantoms from.............Germany,who sold them without advanced kit so that they couldn´t use them to waste the Kurds in great numbers,the Greens would only agree to the sales if they were for recce use or were fitted with MG´s etc,and the hippies believed it!

    The Turks have 6 Heron already delivered and there´s 4 more on the way in June or July.
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    No different from over here then.
  4. Only a small proportion of Turkish F-4s are ex-Luftwaffe. The vast majority were delivered new from the US from the mid-70s or from retired USAF stocks during the 80s.

  5. Very interesting.
    Cheers chaps.
    Thought it looked like appeasing the masses.
    Turkeys government probably got straight on the phone to their pals in Israel.
  6. The Turkish Government have just told their pals that the new contract to deliver more water and energy has just been cancelled,private contracts though are not affected.
  7. Turkey's military programs with Israel remain in place
    ANKARA - Hürriyet Daily News

  8. Relations between Turkey and Israel have been deteriorating over the last few years. This latest incident will also hit Turkey's tourism industry as it was a country that Israelis enjoyed going to.
    Turkey's PM has a hidden agenda and their govt has a leaning towards Islam unlike previous govts. Also they are forging ties with Iran/Syria.
    Relations between the 2 countries (Israel/Turkey) used to be good and even limited military exercises were held periodically between the two. Those days of good relations were long gone before this Turkish backed activist flotilla.
  9. Probably correct Arik, but how could Turkey break these ties without damaging its NATO/EU alliances..... ?
    Oh, thanks Isreal, just what Turkey needed - a valid and justified reason!
  10. Turkeys government is probably pleased that there are less "Martyrs" to deal with.
    Despite all the public hand wringing.
    In a years time who'll care?
    Old News.
  11. As people point out the media is rather bombastically branding Turkish sentiment as anti Israeli.

    I think we really have to take a step back and consider that it is not relations with Turkey as a nation that are suffering, it is relations with a part of the executive which is on thin ice and a portion of the population which is from arabic descent (or part of the 'Palestinian' diaspora) and thus whilst increasingly powerful democratically due to population expansion does not represent any particularly large portion of the nations economic class or institutional backbone.

    After slotting a few of the more fundie Turks I am sure relations between the IDF and the Turkish millitary are probably quite rosie behind closed doors.

    Expect things to be back on normal when the fiercely secular officer corps and elements of the upper chamber and some within the cabinet let their views be felt. If not expect to see some hot coup action preventing the nation's slide away from Europe towards the ME.
  12. Also remember Turkey was set up as, and has the Constitution of, a secular state.

    Ergo the previous 'reason' for military intervention in civilian government being that the Armed Forces are charged with 'protection of the Constitution' As someone has said previously the Turkish military hierarchy remains fiercely anti the idea of religious 'interference' in politics.

    (edited for mong fingers!)
    (and the second time for not spotting the spelling errors) D'oh
  13. Just to get some perspective.
  14. Excellent ! All that is pushing Turkey closer to the Muslim world, where it belongs, and away from Europe, where some madmen with atlantist agendas would have liked it to go.
  15. Do you really want Turkey with it's huge population and military getting cosy with the likes of Iran?