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  1. When an 80-year-old man goes for a checkup, the doctor is amazed at his shape.

    "To what do you attribute your good health?"

    "I'm a turkey hunter and that's why I'm in good shape. Get up before daylight, chase turkeys up and down mountains."

    The doctor says, "Well, I'm sure it helps, but there have to be genetic factors. How old was your dad when he died?"

    "Who says my dad's dead?"

    "You're 80 years old and your dad's alive? How old is he?"

    "Dad's 100. In fact, he turkey hunted with me this morning."

    "What about your dad's dad-how old was he when he died?"

    "Who says my grandpa's dead?"

    "You're 80 years old and your grandfather's still living? How old is he?"


    "I suppose you're going to tell me he went turkey hunting this morning?"

    "No. He got married to an eighteen year old girl."

    The doctor looks at the man in amazement. "Got married? Why would a 118-year-old guy want to get married to an eighteen year old girl?"

    The old-timer answers, "Who says he wanted to?"